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  • Car Blue Print - Subaru

    What is the Subaru e-Boxer?

    As the automotive industry turns towards a greener future, hybrid technology is paving the way for a union of fuel…

  • subaru-service

    Should You Get Your Car Serviced at a Dealership?

    Buying a car is a major investment. It takes months of saving while spending hours researching for the perfect model.…

  • Petrol pumps hoses on station Australia

    What Happens When Fuel Goes Bad: A Guide for Subaru Owners

    Left your car sitting in the garage for a few months? Maybe you were on vacation and have come home…

  • Red,Green,Yellow,Orange,Color,Fuel,Gasoline,Dispenser,Background

    Which Fuel is Best for My Subaru?

    Feeling uncertain about which Subaru fuel type to fill up with? You’re not alone. With so many models and variations…

  • 2021 subaru xv

    How to look after your Subaru XV

    Whether you’re a proud new owner, a potential buyer, or need a quick refresher, this is how you can look…

  • Subaru Logo - Perth City Subaru

    Why you should always stick with genuine Subaru parts

    Genuine parts are essential to any vehicle, and your Subaru is no different. Genuine Subaru parts are made to the…

  • What should my Subaru's tyre pressure be - City Subaru

    What should my Subaru’s tyre pressure be?

    So you’re driving along and your Subaru tyre pressure warning light pings you. Then it hits you – you’ve got…

  • Car broken down - City Subaru Perth

    Car broken down? Here’s what to do

    Are you sitting on the side of the road madly googling, “What to do when car breaks down”? Don’t worry…

  • subaru forester 2021

    Need a top up? Here’s your Subaru Forester oil & fluids guide!

    Getting the right fluids into your Subaru Forester before summer hits will not only improve the health of your car…

  • Subaru Accessories

    What are the most popular Subaru Accessories?

    Did you know Perth City Subaru stocks a wide range of Subaru and STI accessories? We’re not just experts in…

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