5 Great Cold Weather Car Features: Used Car Dealers Perth Advice

5 Great Cold Weather Car Features: Used Car Dealers Perth Advice
September 18, 2018 City Subaru

5 Great Cold Weather Car Features: Used Car Dealers Perth Advice

When they are looking at used car dealers, Perth based drivers will notice that there is are a lot of cars to choose from. It makes good sense to understand which features are important to you and your family before you go shopping for a car. This will help you to narrow down your search and avoid buyers remorse later because you didn’t get the features that you really needed. In this spirit, we have put together a list of five top cold weather features that you should have in your car.

  1. Heated Seating

In the past, heated seats were only found on expensive cars at the premium or luxury end of the spectrum. However, this is no longer the case, and you can find good heated seats in more affordable cars. The best examples heat up quickly and then back off to a more moderate setting soon after. This will get you warm quickly and keep you warm without making you uncomfortable. Some manufacturers even offer heated rear seats on selected car models, which is a great way to keep rear passengers comfortable on a cold day.

Weather Car Features, 5 Great Cold Weather Car Features: Used Car Dealers Perth Advice

  1. Air Vents Mounted in the Rear

This is another way to keep rear passenger warm in winter and cooler in summer too. Look out for cars with rear mounted air vents to effectively deliver treated air to passengers in the second or even third row of seats. If you have dual air conditioning systems too, you can give rear passengers their own set of temperature controls.

  1. A Heated Steering Wheel

We can now find self warming steering wheels on many more affordable car models. They are often available on an options list, but second hand car buyers can get this feature too with a little luck. Some heated steering wheels heat the sections where your hands naturally rest and more luxurious versions heat the entire wheel circumference.

  1. A Windscreen Demister

Dealing with a foggy windscreen on a cold morning can be problematic and time consuming. A windscreen demister will work like it’s rear window counterpart using a lattice of fine wire embedded in the glass. The wires are quickly warmed up, and windscreen will be clear and easy to see through in only a few seconds.

  1. Demisting Door Mirrors

As above, misted up door mirrors can delay your setting off and they can be a real pain to clear. These door mirrors have heating elements built into them to dry away any mist with a few minutes. This will ensure that you can drive and park safely on cold winter days.

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