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Our Subaru service centre is available for your Subaru service Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 5.00pm. If you’re a Perth Subaru owner in need of a car service, speak to us today about your Subaru servicing options.

There are a great number of benefits provided with a Subaru car service. Our Subaru service centre can provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of your car’s maintenance needs. Our experienced and qualified Subaru technicians can assist you with servicing any make and model of vehicle. We provide genuine Subaru parts, merchandise and accessories for assurance and peace of mind.

With a regular Subaru car service, Perth car owners can ensure the safe operation and optimised performance of their vehicle. Subaru car servicing can also maintain the resale value of the vehicle to protect the investment in the long term. Our Subaru service centre team is dedicated to helping you in enhancing the performance, safety and resale value of the vehicle now and in the years to come. Our Perth team take great pride in offering a high standard of service and experience.

Our Subaru service centre team provide reassurance for your vehicle. Only experienced Subaru trained technicians have the expertise to optimise your incredible Subaru vehicle. Our team of technicians not only have the benefit of professional Subaru training, but they are genuine experts on all the latest Subaru models and technologies.

From the Subaru Intelligent Drive system through to the first diesel Boxer engine in Australia with CVT, we invest in support and training for our Subaru Service Centre technicians to ensure that your service is performed by the best. Our technicians also have the access to state of the art tools and equipment such as the Subaru Diagnostics System. This allows them to provide specific solutions for your vehicle ensuring that your safety is assured, your performance is optimised, and your resale value is protected.

We can provide flexible options for your convenience during your car service. Perth customers should speak to our Service Advisors when enquiring with our Subaru service centre if you have any specific requirements. Contact us today to book your Subaru vehicle service.


What are the most popular Subaru Accessories?

Subaru Accessories

Did you know Perth City Subaru stocks a wide range of Subaru and STI accessories? We’re not just experts in service and repair parts, we’re experts at helping you customise your Subaru too!

Some of the most popular accessories are:

1. Dash Mat

Protect your dash from harmful UV and help keep your car cooler on hot days. A Dash Mat also significantly reduce glare when the sun shines on the dash of your Subaru. Our Dash Mats are airbag compatible, have a lifetime warranty, and most importantly – Australian Made!

2. Floor Mats

Protect your original floor carpet from dirt and wear with Subaru Floor Mats. Available in Carpet and Rubber they are precision made for your Subaru and fit perfectly. Inferior Aftermarket Floor Mats can be dangerous as they can shift and get caught in your accelerator or brake pedal turning your pleasant drive home from watching your son sing out of tune in the school choir into a nightmare! He was never going to be a megastar musician anyway, but having your accelerator pedal jammed down by a dangerous floor mat is going to be more painful than Russel Crowe’s last album. Subaru Floor Mats secure to your floor carpet to ensure they are safe. Don’t risk your safety with anything else. Rubber Floor Mats are best if you like camping or spending time at the beach (who doesn’t?) as they can easily be removed and hosed off if they get muddy or very dirty. Carpet Floor Mats are best for general wear and tear and normal use protection for the city slickers.

3. Cargo Step Panel

A Cargo Step Panel will protect the top edge of your Subaru’s bumper when loading the cargo area. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect set of shelves at IKEA then scratching your bumper trying to load them in your Subaru, that will only add to the ridiculously small allen key frustration! Pro Tip – buy a couple of decent ‘T’ handle allen keys from Bunnings or similar (3mm and 5mm are the standard IKEA sizes) to make assembling your furniture a lot less frustrating… you’ll thank us when you’re building your third set of drawers!

4. Cargo Tray Mat

A Cargo Tray Mat will protect the carpet of your Subaru’s cargo area from wear and tear and dirt. Like the mud and dirt when loading your camping gear in after a fun weekend away with the kids. The only thing worse than “Are we there yet?” 10 times an hour on the way there is finding your child has decided to bring home their favourite rocks they found at your campsite…. complete with the ‘special’ dirt that was stuck to them! A Cargo Tray Mat will prevent those rocks from damaging your precious Subaru’s carpet. It can be easily removed and hosed off, unlike the kids who apparently don’t appreciate being hosed off when they’re dirty.

5. Weather Shields

Subaru Weather Shields are a great way of enjoying some fresh air without the wind and rain coming in. You can have the windows down slightly and the Weather Shields will let just enough breeze in to help you experience the beautiful salt air of your favourite beach drive without messing your expensive new hairdo!

6. Dash Cam

A Dash Cam is a great way of protecting your insurance excess. Imagine you’re driving along in your Subaru minding your own business, listening to your favourite tunes happy in the knowledge you’re driving one of the best cars on the road. You turn your Subaru’s stereo up loud to hear the epic guitar solo in all its glory. You approach a set of traffic lights. Suddenly, coming through the red light to your left is one of those horrible Mazda things. You hit the brakes and your Subaru washes off speed quickly thanks to its brilliant brakes but the inferior Mazda can’t stop in time – and BANG you both collide! The Mazda driver immediately blames you, but you’re adamant your light was green. Its a case of ‘he said / she said’ until you remember you purchased a Garmin Dash Cam from Perth City Subaru. You review the footage and show the other driver your light was green…. they look very sheepish and mutter something about how they wish they bought a Subaru. Your Dash Cam just paid for itself!

7. Subaru Roof Racks

When the car’s fully loaded and you’re taking the family on an adventure down the coast, you’re going to need somewhere to stash the surfboard. A set of genuine Subaru roof racks guarantees a snug and secure fit to your car, ensuring that your precious cargo makes it to the destination in one piece. Apparently, they’re also pretty good for carting your next DIY project home from the hardware store when it doesn’t fit.

These are the most popular accessories we sell for your Subaru, but there are many others available. Check out the range of Subaru accessories here.

If there’s something you’re looking for and can’t find it on our website, please contact us and we’ll bend over backwards to find it for you.