What is the Subaru e-Boxer?

What is the Subaru e-Boxer?
October 12, 2023 City Subaru Subaru
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As the automotive industry turns towards a greener future, hybrid technology is paving the way for a union of fuel efficiency and responsible driving.

At Perth City Subaru, we’ve always been at the forefront of engineering reliable, safe, and innovative vehicles. Embracing the call for sustainability, we’re proud to introduce our e-Boxer technology. The e-Boxer is a hybrid propulsion system from Subaru, which combines an electric motor with the Boxer engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) technology to deliver a dynamic and sustainable driving experience. This initiative is a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, offering both our loyal Subaru family and eco-conscious drivers a refreshing, green driving experience. With the e-Boxer, we carry forward our tradition of delivering trustworthy and adventurous vehicles, now with a touch of electrification, heralding a new chapter in our enduring automotive saga.

Subaru’s Legacy and Transition to Hybrid Technology

Subaru’s tradition of crafting reliable and durable vehicles takes a green turn with our embrace of hybrid technology. The e-Boxer technology, a fusion of our iconic Boxer engine with an electric motor, marks this transition. It now powers models such as:

  • Subaru Crosstrek AWD Hybrid L
  • Subaru Crosstrek AWD Hybrid S
  • Subaru Forester Hybrid L AWD
  • Subaru Forester Hybrid S AWD

This embodies our commitment to eco-friendly driving without compromising performance. Through the e-Boxer, Subaru melds its enduring legacy with modern sustainability, meeting the evolving demands of today’s drivers.

Understanding the e-Boxer Technology

Subaru e-Boxer, What is the Subaru e-Boxer?

The term ‘e-Boxer’ embodies Subaru’s innovative leap into hybrid technology. It represents a blend of our time-tested Subaru Boxer engine with a contemporary electric motor. The ‘e’ denotes electric, while ‘Boxer’ pertains to our signature horizontally opposed engine, known for its low centre of gravity and balanced design which contributes to the vehicle’s stability and handling.

At the core of the e-Boxer technology is the synergy between the petrol-powered Boxer engine and the electric motor. The Boxer engine provides reliable power for high-speed driving and charges the electric battery during operation, while the electric motor offers instant torque, and smooth acceleration, and operates during low-speed conditions for enhanced fuel efficiency.

The seamless interaction between these two systems is orchestrated by an intelligent controller that decides when to use electric power, gasoline power, or a combination of both. This optimises fuel efficiency and reduces emissions, especially in city driving where stop-and-go is frequent. The electric motor assists the gasoline engine during acceleration, making the drive smoother and more responsive, while regenerative braking helps recharge the battery, further enhancing the efficiency.

The e-Boxer technology not only significantly improves fuel economy but also reduces the carbon footprint, making Subaru’s venture into hybrid technology a win both for the driver and the environment.

Key Features of Subaru e-Boxer

The e-Boxer technology is a blend of efficiency, safety, and comfort, reflecting Subaru’s continual dedication to meeting and exceeding modern driving demands while adhering to our legacy of innovation and reliability.

  • All-Wheel Drive Capability
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Smoother Acceleration
  • Enhanced Safety Systems
  • Comfortable Interiors

All-Wheel Drive Capability

Subaru e-Boxer, What is the Subaru e-Boxer?

The Subaru e-Boxer showcases its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) capability, a feature ensuring balanced power distribution to all wheels, which in turn, provides enhanced stability and traction across varying driving conditions.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a standout advantage of the e-Boxer, with its smart utilisation of electric power in lower-speed conditions reducing fuel consumption. When compared to traditional Subaru models, the e-Boxer showcases noticeable improvements in fuel economy. Additionally, its fuel efficiency compares favourably with other hybrid models in its class, making it a viable choice for eco-conscious drivers seeking a balance of performance and efficiency.

By blending performance and fuel efficiency, the e-Boxer technology embodies Subaru’s commitment to delivering environmentally friendly driving solutions without compromising on the robust driving experience Subaru is known for.

Smoother Acceleration

The e-Boxer technology significantly enhances the driving experience by delivering smoother acceleration, courtesy of the instant torque from the electric motor. Additionally, the synergy between the electric motor and the Boxer engine ensures a responsive drive, making it adept at handling both city streets and rugged terrains.

Enhanced Safety Systems

The e-Boxer is equipped with Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, offering features like pre-collision braking and adaptive cruise control, significantly contributing to a safer driving environment.

Comfortable Interiors

Ensuring a pleasant ride, the e-Boxer models boast comfortable interiors with ample space and modern infotainment options, making every journey enjoyable and engaging.

Positive Environmental Impacts of the e-Boxer

Reduced Emissions

Driving a Subaru e-Boxer contributes to lower emissions due to its efficient use of electric power alongside the petrol engine. This hybrid technology is designed to lessen the environmental impact by reducing carbon footprint, a step towards more sustainable driving practices.

Certifications and Recognitions

While specifics may vary by region, the Subaru e-Boxer’s eco-friendliness is acknowledged through various environmental certifications and recognitions, highlighting our efforts in promoting greener automotive solutions. These accolades reaffirm Subaru’s dedication to environmental sustainability while showcasing the e-Boxer as a viable choice for drivers seeking to make a positive environmental impact.
Through the e-Boxer technology, Subaru demonstrates a tangible commitment to reducing vehicular emissions and promoting eco-friendly driving solutions, staying true to our responsibility towards a greener planet.

Steering Towards Sustainability With the Subaru e-Boxer

Subaru e-Boxer, What is the Subaru e-Boxer?

The Subaru e-Boxer stands as a testament to Subaru’s innovation, blending fuel efficiency with performance through hybrid technology. Its unique features like smoother acceleration, enhanced safety, and reduced emissions make it a compelling eco-friendly alternative.

If you’re chasing a hybrid vehicle that perfectly blends traditional engineering excellence with modern eco-friendly innovation, then the Subaru Crosstrek and Subaru Forester hybrid models are your best choice that showcases the e-Boxer technology. Schedule a test drive today to experience firsthand the harmonious blend of Subaru’s legacy and contemporary sustainable driving.


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