Four Maintenance Tasks for Your Next Car Service: Perth Expert Advice

Four Maintenance Tasks for Your Next Car Service: Perth Expert Advice
June 27, 2019 City Subaru
City Subaru - Car Service Maintenance

When they need a car service in Perth, drivers are advised to visit their local Subaru service centre at Perth City Subaru. Our technicians are trained to work on your car, and we only ever use genuine or recommended parts. Some drivers skip servicing to save money, but this can lead to more significant problems that are more expensive to fix later. Regularly servicing will make your car safer to use and it will prolong the life of your vehicle. Here are four essential maintenance tasks that you may be able to do yourself or you can get them carried out on your next car service.

1. Check the Tyre Pressures

Checking the tyre pressures regularly requires no special technical knowledge, but it’s imperative to keep your car safe and to improve fuel efficiency. When the tyre is under-inflated your car will use more fuel, and this can really add up over time. The required tyre pressures are listed in your owner’s manual and on the tyre pressure placard in your car. Check the tyres once per week and don’t forget to check the spare tyre at the same time. Don’t eyeball the tyre pressure; check it with a tyre pressure gauge, and you will have an accurate reading. 

2. Change the Oil

Every model of car needs a regular oil change at around 12,500 km and if you have an older car 5,000 km would be a better interval. This is essential; if the motor oil is left in your engine for too long, it will break down and form a thick sludge that can damage your engine. Older oil is dirty and black, and it has low viscosity, compare this to a new oil that looks amber in colour, and it pours very easily. Your engine contains many moving parts, and it needs good lubrication to work well, so don’t skip oil changes. If you’re not confident about changing the oil yourself, it can be done for you during a regularly scheduled service.

3. Inspect the Brakes

Obviously, your braking system is an extremely important safety measure for your car. So, your brakes need to be inspected regularly to make sure that they are in good working order. Changing brake pad may seem expensive, but it’s far cheaper than replacing them later when they have worn down and damaged the rotators. If you notice a vibration, grinding noise, a sluggish response or the car veers to one side when braking you need some new brakes.

4. Changing Windscreen Wipers

This is a simple task that you can do yourself, your windscreen wipers will gradually degrade over time, and they need to be replaced. If you notice cracks in the rubber wiper blades or there are streaks on the windscreen when they are used, they need replacement. Many drivers simple change their windscreen wipers every six months or so to take the guesswork out of the equation. 

If they are looking for a Subaru service in Perth, drivers should contact Perth City Subaru.

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