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What should my Subaru’s tyre pressure be?

What should my Subaru's tyre pressure be - City Subaru

So you’re driving along and your Subaru tyre pressure warning light pings you. Then it hits you – you’ve got no clue what pressure you should be running your tyres at.

So what is the ideal Subaru tyre pressure? How do you check and how do you maintain good tyre pressure?

Every car is different, and Subarus, like other carmakers, have specific specifications when it comes to tyre pressure. Before you get back on the road – let’s take a look at these questions and more.

Why is maintaining good tyre pressure important?

Tyre pressure is the only thing standing between you and the road. Might sound obvious, but without air in our tyres, we’d be scraping along the road like nails on a chalkboard. But maintaining your correct Subaru tyre pressure is important for several reasons. Tyre pressure is closely linked to the lifecycle of your tyres.

Taking care of your tyres means they’ll stay in good working order for longer. Improperly inflated tyres can result in irregular wear and tear – putting your tyres at risk of wear and tear which can cause serious lasting damage or even an accident. Proper tyre inflation helps distribute the weight of the vehicle meaning that your tyre tread won’t be disproportionately worn down keeping you safer on the road.

Tyre over-inflation and under-inflation impact your tyres in different yet equally dangerous ways. Too much air and your tyres become susceptible to shocks, penetrations, and decreased traction – a dangerous combination. Too little pressure and you run the risk of destroying your tyres’ sidewalls, which can deform them causing them to overheat and disintegrate.

How to check your tyre pressure

Maintaining the ideal tyre pressure is critical for keeping your car on the road – safe and at peak performance. But how do you check that you’re in the clear?

Depending on your Subaru model, there may be different ways to check your tyre pressure. Modern Subaru vehicles will have what’s called a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) which tracks the pressure of every tyre individually. When you turn your car on – the TPMS system light will illuminate on your dashboard and disappear – indicating that your tyre pressure is working normally. If there’s a malfunction – your TPMS light will flash multiple times and then remain illuminated after each vehicle-start until the problem is resolved.

If you’re in an older model – you can always check your tyre pressure manually at any garage or service station.


How to check your tyre pressure - City Subaru


How to find the right tyre pressure for your car

The recommended tyre pressure specifications for your vehicle can be found in various places – most often indicated on the driver’s side door panel – or within the car’s manual.

If you’re missing the manual or you can’t see it written anywhere on your vehicle, then a safe bet is anywhere between 32 and 35 Pounds per square inch (PSI).

Remember if you notice that your tyres are overinflated – it’s safer to let some air out until it reads the correct pressure.

What is the ideal Subaru tyre pressure?

Subaru tyre pressures differ from vehicle to vehicle and often depend on the year of manufacture. While the chart below offers a rough guide, make sure to check your owner’s manual for the exact specifications.

Model PSI kPA
Subaru Outback 32 220
Subaru Forester 32 220
Subaru BRZ 35 240
Subaru Impreza 32 220
Subaru WRX 32 220
Subaru XV 32 220


How to increase your tyre pressure

Tyre pressure too low? Don’t worry, this happens with time and is easily fixed. The simple way to increase tyre pressure is by visiting a pump at any service station or garage. These are usually free of charge and are simple to operate. First, find out your desired pressure, and then preset the pump to that exact pressure. Connect the pump to your tyres taking care not to lose the cap. The pump will automatically increase your tyre pressure to the pre-set level and give you a beep when it’s done. Remember to fill up all four tyres equally to the same pressure level.

How often should you check your tyre pressure?

While you’re probably not thinking about tyre pressure every day, it’s good to check your Subaru tyre pressure regularly.

We recommend checking at least every few weeks to make sure you’re running at the correct pressure. If you notice something not right with your tyres, it’s important you get your vehicle checked by qualified Subaru dealers. Our team at City Subaru will be more than happy to ensure your tyre pressure is running at the right level, and do a once-over to check your overall tyre health. Remember your tyres are important to your road safety and should not be overlooked.