Are fuel additives a good idea?

Are fuel additives a good idea?
November 12, 2020 City Subaru
subaru fuel additives

Although a can of Red Bull might help you get up in the morning or survive the afternoon meeting that could have been an email, it wont give your Subaru wings. The only additive your Subaru likes to drink is Subaru Fuel Additive.

Subaru recommend the use of their Fuel Additive every 6,000km to help reduce combustion chamber deposits, therefore reducing the engines octane requirement. A engine with carbon build up can require a higher octane fuel to avoid detonation or pinging compared to a clean engine. Keeping your engine clean by having it regularly serviced at Perth City Subaru means this is added to the tank as well having an Upper Engine Clean using Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner performed as part of every logbook service. These two items combined work well to ensure your Subaru’s engine doesn’t suffer from a buildup of carbon and keep it running like Subaru intended.

We have had many vehicles come to us with rough running, pinging and poor idle issues and have found they were not serviced by a Subaru Dealer and therefore hadn’t been treated to the Fuel Additive and Subaru Upper Engine Clean every service. Often we have to do several cleans and even and a full carbon clean that can cost up to $265 to restore the poor Subaru back to health. Don’t make the same mistake!

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