Need a top up? Here’s your Subaru Forester oil & fluids guide!

Need a top up? Here’s your Subaru Forester oil & fluids guide!
November 16, 2020 City Subaru
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Getting the right fluids into your Subaru Forester before summer hits will not only improve the health of your car but protect against potential breakdown and vehicle malfunctions. Whether you’re doing a home check-up or bringing it to a qualified local dealership, it’s good to be aware of the preferred products and check-up intervals. Finding out which oil is best, knowing how to properly change it, and understanding oil codes – is all part of good vehicle management. Subaru oil, coolant, and other fluids can be messy and sometimes come at a premium. But they happen to be one of the most important things preventing your car’s engine from destroying itself or getting stuck, welded together, or overheating. 


Oil codes – what do they mean?

Engine oil is what keeps your engine moving – literally. Putting the right oil in your car is important. The wrong kind could cause damage to the engine. When looking at different engine oil types, a key term you’ll want to understand is ‘viscosity’. Essentially, this means how thick the liquid is and this will change at different temperatures. Let’s break down what these oil grades mean.

Take this common oil grade: 5W-30.

The letter proceedings the W (for winter) describes the level of ‘thickness’ when running at cooler temperatures. The lower that number the less thick it is. Thinner oils work better at cooler temperatures because it flows fast and is all to lubricate effectively even when the air is frigid. The second number refers to how thick the oil is when it’s hot or at running temperature. Check your vehicle’s manual to find out which oil type is right for your car.

Synthetic vs mineral?

A mere glance at different types of motor oil types will have you wondering what’s the difference between synthetic and mineral oil? Basically, Synthetic motor oils are more advanced, having been engineered to last longer, and do their job cleanly, and efficiently. Mineral oil, by contrast, is sourced from the ground and is heavily refined for engine lubrication. Being the original motor oil it’s a lot cheaper. Most Subaru models these days will require synthetic motor oil. Because of the ever-growing amount of oil types and brands, Subaru has created their own, trusted synthetic oil which is compatible across the Subaru range.  

Subaru Forester oil types – which one to use

For the Subaru Forester owners out there, a bit of care never goes amiss, especially now that the weather’s warmer and road trip season is upon us. First up you should know that All Subaru cars these days like to have synthetic motor oil. Depending on whether your forester has a turbocharged engine you’ll be looking at Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 or the 0W-20. If you’re sporting a non-turbo engine, stick to the 0W-20 – it’s better for fuel economy and increasing power. Turbo engines run at higher temperatures and as a result, need an oil type better suited for extreme temperatures. Your infotainment system will warn you if your oil is low, but it never hurts to have a quick manual check from time to time. 

Remember! If you’re not sure which oil to use, don’t guess! Call your local Subaru service department and ask them, they’ll be happy to tell you which oil you need and where to get it. 

Subaru Forester oil & Fluids, Need a top up? Here’s your Subaru Forester oil & fluids guide!

Subaru Forester coolant – which one to use 


Subaru Forester oil & Fluids, Need a top up? Here’s your Subaru Forester oil & fluids guide!


Just as oil lubricates the engine, coolant keeps it cool while it does the hard work. Getting your Subaru Forester ready for summer means checking up on all fluids and if you think your engine is overheating, you may want to check the coolant levels. It’s especially a good idea in anticipation of consistently warmer weather. If you’re planning a long road trip, it’s best to make sure you lock in a mechanical service if it’s been a while since your last. Subaru recommends genuine Subaru coolant, such as Subaru’s long life coolant. Specially engineered to be 100% compatible with Subaru’s aluminium alloy engines and cooling systems. While using other coolants might not damage your car, knowing your car has had premium products throughout its servicing history, will always pay off down the track.

Subaru Forester: warranty and servicing options 

Checking and changing engine oil is an important part of any service, or a routine check-up, no matter what car. The Subaru Forester will require regular check-ups, and if you’ve got a new model, expect to service within 12 months or after 12,500km, whichever comes first. While oil checkups are important, so is a professional eye. Getting a regular and thorough check-up leaves you stress-free, knowing the experts approve. Getting your fluids changed at a professional Subaru dealership, like Perth City Subaru, will maintain your car’s resale value for longer, not to mention access to genuine Subaru parts.

Get in contact with your local Subaru dealership today for premium products, car servicing, and insurance plans.

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