Five Reasons to Get your Subaru Service with an Authorised Dealer

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Buying a car is a major investment. It takes months of saving while spending hours researching for the perfect model. But the work does not finish once you’ve been handed the keys. Although Subarus are built to last, it’s important for you to service your Subaru regularly to keep it running at its best. That is why Subaru Australia designed its standard factory service schedule, a program set in place to help you service your vehicle the right way and at the right times. Having your Subaru serviced regularly can save you from headaches down the road and will keep the bond between you and your Subaru going strong. Feel as though you need further convincing? Here are five reasons for you to have your Subaru serviced with an authorised service dealer.

  1. Subaru expertly trains each of its technicians in all things Subaru. They know your vehicle inside and out, and are the perfect choice to keep your Subaru running at its best. All Subaru technicians are passionate about Subaru culture, and constantly research the latest developments in the motor industry. It is an industry that is highly dependent on advances in technology, and Subaru technicians never stop learning to help maintain Subaru’s strong position in within it. From the direct-injected Boxer turbo engine of the Subaru Forester XT or the Subaru Intelligent Drive, Subaru technicians stay well informed to ensure your Subaru remains ahead of the competition.
  1. Using an authorised dealer means that you can feel safe about the quality of the parts involved. You can trust that Subaru technicians will use genuine Subaru parts when you take your car to an authorised dealer. As such there will be no uncertainty involved in the quality of the parts used.They will be of the same calibre as those found in the vehicle the day that it came off the production line.
  1. If you’re thinking of the long run benefits, using an authorised Subaru service centre to service your vehicle has the potential to save you money. By taking your vehicle to a Subaru specialist you can be sure that their knowledge and expertise about Subaru products will ensure efficiency and accuracy when servicing your car. This ensures that you will minimize the risks of unforeseen costs. These can range from unnecessary labour hours spent diagnosing the issue or an unexpected vehicle breakdown to a misdiagnosed problem to not using genuine Subaru parts.
  1. Subaru is world renowned for its excellence in customer service. Booking your vehicle has never been easier, as the Service Advisors work around your schedule when booking it in. Additionally, the centre offers vehicle deliveries, customer pick-ups and drop-offs to minimize any inconvenience. This quality of service can be found at all authorised centres because it is inherent in the Subaru brand.
  1. Lastly, the vehicle servicing plans will accommodate everyone regardless of their financial status. For instance, the three-year servicing plan locks the servicing costs for the first four to six standard scheduled services, depending on the plan that you choose. Even better, Subaru’s newly introduced Capped Price Servicing program has set a maximum price for each scheduled service. This ensures that there will be no surprises when servicing your vehicle with an authorised dealer. For vehicle models from 2006 onwards, the price set by Subaru Australia is the maximum price you will be asked to pay for each standard service. So if peace of mind is what you’re searching for, then servicing your vehicle at an authorised Subaru centre is the right choice for you.

The reasons given above build a strong case to convince you that you should service your Subaru at an authorised Subaru service centre. Technician knowledge and expertise, quality of products used, excellent customer service, and potential cost savings all translate into the amazing customer experience that is one of Subaru Australia’s most important goals.

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