Subaru Announce the e-Boxer Hybrid for 2019 Australian Release

Subaru Announce the e-Boxer Hybrid for 2019 Australian Release
August 1, 2018 City Subaru

Subaru has announced that there will be a new petrol and electric powered Forester hybrid called the e-Boxer released here in Australia at the end of 2019. This will be a mid-size SUV built on the Subaru Global Platform (SGP). Shortly after this release, there will be a brand new smaller XV crossover hybrid available as well. Let’s take a closer look at these exciting new releases and the details that have been released so far.

Forester e-Boxer Hybrid 2019, Subaru Announce the e-Boxer Hybrid for 2019 Australian Release

Will This Affect the 5th Generation Forester?

The announced release for the hybrid e-Boxer will be just over one year after the 5th generation Forester release. This new Forester will have a totally revised 2.5L flat four petrol engine, and it’s due this September. Obviously, the e-Boxer is a very different SUV compared to the petrol Forester although they share a similar purpose. Subaru Australia MD Colin Christie has stated that Subaru has identified a market for hybrid vehicles here. These greener options are sure to generate sales, especially when the fuel consumption figures are compared across the range. At the moment, the plan is to have a single hybrid option available by the end of 2019 for the two most popular SUVs. Bearing this in mind it’s unlikely that these hybrid options will replace their parent vehicles any time soon.

A Closer Look at the e-Boxer

The new e-Boxer will pair together a 2.0L direct injection engine with an electric power plant that’s powered by a lithium ion battery pack located under the floor. The electric engine will be used at lower speeds at lower throttle input to conserve fuel. At higher speeds, the petrol engine will automatically kick in, and the excess braking and kinetic energy will be used to recharge the lithium batteries.

Subaru has claimed a combined fuel consumption of 5.4L/100km, and this is based on Japanese cycle testing. When you look at the fifth generation 2.5L Forester, that has a combined fuel consumption of 7L/100km; you can quickly see a significant difference of almost 40% in fuel costs.

Thanks to the SGP and underfloor battery packs, the available space in the e-Boxer is not compromised. The cargo floor is slightly raised, but the back seats have a 60:40 flip and fold system, and there is over 500L of cargo space. This is actually more space than the regular 2018 Forester model.

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