What are the Benefits of Choosing a Diesel Engine?

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Diesel Engine?
January 24, 2018 City Subaru

When they are considering their next car purchase using car finance, Perth based drivers will reach that inevitable decision. Of course, we’re talking about the type of fuel that you would like to be using in your new or used car. When you choose to buy a Subaru your choices, for the most part, will be limited to diesel or a petrol model. This article is for those drivers that have never owned or driven a diesel powered car. Hopefully, this information will help you to make an informed decision on whether a diesel engine will be able to meet your driving needs.

subaru diesel engine, What are the Benefits of Choosing a Diesel Engine?

Some Diesel Engine Basics:

The major attraction for most drivers that make the switch to diesel is the excellent fuel economy figure. This is because a diesel engine operates on a cycle that’s more thermodynamically efficient than the typical petrol engine. In simple terms, more energy (fuel) is converted to perform useful work (motion), and less energy is transmitted as heat into the cooling system to be released as waste. A diesel engine in an equivalent size of vehicle compared to a petrol power plant will be far more fuel efficient in terms of how many km/L of fuel are consumed. This is an even more attractive proposition as diesel fuel is usually cheaper than the various petrol fuel alternatives.

Understanding Operating Temperatures:

Because a diesel engine has a higher thermodynamic efficiency, it takes a longer time to reach its most efficient operating temperature. Once the diesel engine has reached this stage, it will require a higher engine load to maintain its operating temperature. This means that a vehicle fitted with a diesel engine is better suited to driving long distances or for hauling heavier loads. If the diesel engine is not driven at this optimum operation temperature, it suffers a loss in energy and environmental efficiency. In summary, a diesel powered car would be a poor choice for those make shorter trips in a car that’s only carrying one or two people at most.

Subaru Diesel Engines:

When you use Subaru car finance to purchase a diesel powered vehicle, you may notice something interesting. A diesel engine is more fuel efficient because it can operate at a higher pressures than a petrol engine. In order to do this, the diesel engine has to be structurally stronger than a petrol power plant. Subaru uses a well built “Boxer” engine for their diesel models, and this is well suited to the task. This engine also has additional strength because the engine crankshaft (that carries most of the pressure) is contained by the two halves of the crankcase.

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