• metallic grey subaru wrx 2020

    How Reliable is The Subaru WRX?

    Love it or leave it. That’s our advice when it comes to the Subaru WRX. Subaru’s legendary rally championship favourite…

  • Subaru Service

    10 common car maintenance mistakes to avoid

    There are a multitude of things that can go wrong when servicing a car. Whether it’s a sloppy DIY job…

  • Tyre Safety Tips - the Ultimate Checklist

    Tyre Safety Tips – the Ultimate Checklist

    Time for a car tyre check? Good on you for remembering. Keeping your tyres in good shape is essential. You…

    by Dilate Manager
  • Mazda CX5 vs Subaru Forester

    Mazda CX 5 vs Subaru Forester – the face off

    New SUV crossovers are quickly becoming a tough battleground for competitors looking to snatch up bigger shares of the market.…

    by Dilate Manager
  • 10 common car myths - which ones are true

    10 common car myths – which ones are true?

    Listening to your granddad drone on about how they ‘don’t make ’em like they used to’ or tolerating your parents…

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  • Diesel vs petrol – which should you go for?

    Times are changing. The diesel vs petrol debate has probably taken on new dimensions since you were last pondering the…

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  • City Subaru automatic car interior

    Subaru BRZ Automatic vs Manual – which one is right for you?

    The new Subaru BRZ is one of the most exciting sports cars to drive. But before you scoot down to…

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  • Subaru XV 2022 vs Nissan Xtrail

    Subaru XV vs Nissan X Trail – Which SUV should you hit the road with?

    Whether it’s a trip down south, up north, or even as a daily commuter – both the Subaru XV and…

    by Dilate Manager
  • Searching for the best places to kayak in Perth

    Searching for the best places to kayak in Perth? Paddle through these top spots

    If you’re a newbie to the sport, a pro who’s just won gold, or just looking for a fun leisurely…

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  • Beautiful Sunset On The Beach In Western Australia Near City - Best Dog Beaches in Perth

    Looking for the best dog beaches in Perth? We’ve got you

    Ok, so Perth’s got some pretty special beaches. But before you pack a towel and load up the woofer, it’s…

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