Short Summer Road Trip

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Yes, we can feel it. The sun is getting stronger, the barbecues are starting to sizzle, and vacation days are calling our names. Move over winter, summer has arrived! We can’t think of a better way of celebrating its arrival than with a weekend road trip in our trusty Subaru’s. Every Subaru was built for adventure, so we’ve made a list of nearby attractions to help get you in the mood for some quality time with your family and of course, your Subaru.

Yanchep National Park

Just a short one hour drive from Perth, Yanchep National Park is an easy weekend trip for the family. With activities ranging from bush walking to exploring some caves, this park is sure to be a hit for everyone. Take a leisurely stroll along the koala boardwalk to see the animals in their native habitat. The park has information stands set up for a bit of learning along the way. If you’re looking for something a little more active, the park has a plethora of walking trails for you to choose from. The difficulty ranges from easy to challenging, so be sure to read the signs before hitting the trails. Prefer something more mysterious? Then how about a little cave exploration? There are three different options for you to choose from.

Nigli Cave

If you’re looking for something more unique and willing to drive a little further, then consider heading to Ngilgi Cave. Roughly four hours south of Perth, this trip is a great option for full day trip. The attraction houses beautiful rock formations that surround you as you explore its depths. When planning your trip, make sure to call ahead as you can only explore the caves through a tour. Depending on how your preferred level of intensity there a few different tours for you to choose from, including one designed specially for the kids. And if you are feeling a little brave, you can always sign up for the tour where you repel further into the depths and crawl into even more confined spaces.

Kalbarri National Park

About six hours north of Perth, Kalbarri National Park is a one of our top picks for a full day road trip. The park is home to hundreds of kilometers of trails all with varying sights to see. Depending on the path you choose you will see beautiful beaches, breathtaking cliff sides, and even whale watching (depending on the season). The trails vary in distance from a quick one kilometre loop to a more demanding thirteen kilometres so be sure to bring your hiking shoes. Traversing the trails you’ll come across some iconic Australian fauna and wildlife, so you will have plenty of photo opportunities along the way. If you’re more the cyclist type, then bring your bike along and cycle the designated path that hugs the pristine waters of the coastline.

Rainbow Jungle, Kalbarri

If you’re looking for something with a little more colour, then try Rainbow Jungle. A hidden gem in Kalbarri, Rainbow Jungle is Western Australia’s very own parrot habitat. It is home to a number of colourful species native to Australia and will be sure to be a hit with everyone in the family. The sanctuary has been designed as its own tropical paradise filled with waterfalls, ponds, and big leafy trees. The whole sanctuary is set up for close encounters, but the free flight area is where you’ll feel the closest to the animals.Plus, a BBQ lunch is included with your admission so no need to pack your own! Need we say more?

Wave Rock

Of course, a blog about WA road trips wouldn’t be complete without a recommendation to pay a visit to the Wave Rock. Definitely one of Western Australia’s more iconic destinations, this curious rock formation is a favourite among the locals. Heading inland you’ll find this attraction situated amongst a number of historic towns ready to fill you in on WA’s path to the present day. There are other attractions around for you to explore as well, including white kangaroos and wild flowers. After you’ve taken all your photos, head on over to the nearest town of Hyden for some window shopping and quick bite to eat at a quaint little bistro.

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