Eye of the Tiger: Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist

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At the heart of Subaru lies a passion for technology. A desire to create features and products that are constantly evolving to meet the everyday needs of Australians. One piece of technology that we are most impressed by is the Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist technology. This wonderful addition to the Subaru line encompasses each of the values that Subaru stands for: safety, performance, and added value. Currently the system is only available on the premium models for the Subaru Liberty, Subaru Forester, and Subaru Outback for sale in Perth. But come 2015, Subaru has made it a standard feature for all new Outback and Liberty models.

Mounted on the windshield of the vehicle, Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist Technology functions as a second pair of eyes that helps you monitor the road for potential hazards. Much like our own eyes Eyesight Assist uses three-dimensional images allowing it to recognize various shapes including pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists. Should the system detect higher risk of a frontal collision visual and audio cues alert the driver to take preventative action. While the system is impressive in a number of areas Eyesight Assist revolves around four main features, each with a primary goal of preventing or reducing the severity of a frontal impact collision.

First, Eyesight is closely connected to the braking system through two main features: the Pre Collision Braking System and Pre-Collision Brake Assist. Both systems work in tandem to protect you and your family from the damages of a frontal impact collision. In the event that a frontal impact is possible but not an immediate danger, the Pre Collision Braking System will apply light pressure to the brakes. This alerts the driver of the risk of impact, allowing him or her to take control of the vehicle. But if the system detects a frontal impact where there is little time for the driver to react, Pre Collision Brake Assist applies enough force to stop the vehicle entirely. Right away its easy to see that these two features are phenomenal additions to the Subaru line, particularly for lovers of the Subaru Outback for sale in Perth who are looking for an adventurous drive. At the end of the day, you can never be too careful when getting behind the wheel.

The next area where Eyesight adds value is vehicle control. Each of the features in this category share the objective of helping the driver remain in control of the vehicle. First, Adaptive Cruise Control has all the features of its traditional counterpart, but with some great extras. This feature not only controls the speed of the vehicle when activated, but also adapts the speed of your vehicle to those that are around your own. Based on set distances provided by the driver, Adaptive Cruise Control regulates the speed of the vehicle to ensure that it stays a safe distance behind the leading vehicle. Once you come to a full stop, Lead Vehicle Start monitors for movement from the car ahead of yours, and alerts the driver when traffic begins to move again within a given time frame. To protect you while you’re driving, the Lane Sway and Departure Warning System monitors the position of the vehicle in the driving lane. Eyesight then warns the driver if it detects an unintentional shift of the vehicle outside the driving lane. Third, we come to Pre Collision Throttle Management. This feature was specially designed for reducing sudden movements from a standstill position. Should you hit the accelerator not knowing the vehicle is in reverse, this feature will restrict the engine output to mitigate the damages of a frontal collision.

After all this, it’s easy to see why we’re huge fans of the Eyesight Assist technology. In a world filled with distractions even the most careful driver can benefit from a system such as this. Despite it’s benefits, it is important to remember that the purpose of the system is neither to replace your own attention while on the road, nor mitigate any damages entirely.  It’s purpose is only to supplement your own preventative actions, and to minimize the effects of a frontal impact collision. If you’re keen to see it in action yourself, come down to see ou Subaru Outback’s for sale in Perth!


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