Subaru EyeSight Technology: How Does it Work?

Subaru EyeSight Technology: How Does it Work?
August 31, 2023 City Subaru Subaru
Subaru EyeSight Technology - City Subaru

Here at Subaru, we’ve always believed that our vehicles should do more than just take you places.

They should also ensure that every journey you embark upon is as safe as it can be. It is with this belief in mind that we developed our EyeSight Driver Assist Technology—a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety and innovation. The EyeSight system, designed in-house, employs state-of-the-art sensors, cameras, and software, serving as an extra pair of vigilant eyes on the road.

In the following post, we invite you to journey with us into the heart of Subaru’s EyeSight Technology, as we unpack each feature and showcase how it plays a pivotal role in elevating the driving experience to unparalleled safety standards.

How Does Subaru EyeSight Work?

Our EyeSight Driver Assist Technology operates as a second pair of eyes for drivers, ensuring every journey is safe and more efficient. Utilising a pair of colour cameras strategically positioned on either side of the rearview mirror, EyeSight constantly scans the road for obstacles, vehicles, and even pedestrians.

These cameras, working in conjunction with advanced software algorithms, can accurately gauge distances, differentiate objects, and anticipate potential hazards in real-time. As soon as a potential concern is detected, EyeSight takes proactive measures—whether it’s adjusting your speed with Adaptive Cruise Control, sending an alert about an unexpected lane departure, or applying brakes autonomously in emergencies.

By continuously monitoring and reacting to the environment around your Subaru, EyeSight offers a protective shield, adding an extra layer of safety to your driving experience.

The Features of EyeSight

Adaptive Cruise Control

EyeSight Technology, Subaru EyeSight Technology: How Does it Work?

Driving comfort and safety go hand in hand with our Adaptive Cruise Control. This standout feature, part of the EyeSight suite, exemplifies our dedication perfectly.

Once you set your desired speed, this intuitive system does more than merely maintain it. When you’re on the move, and there’s a vehicle ahead, the Adaptive Cruise Control steps in by using advanced braking and monitoring technologies. These systems work in harmony to regulate your Subaru’s speed by the traffic flow, ensuring a smooth driving experience.

Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control

Offered in specific models, the Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control elevates the driving experience to new heights. Not only can you select your preferred distance from the vehicle ahead, but this feature also actively assists in keeping you both safe and perfectly aligned within your lane. It’s a testament to the fusion of technology and safety, ensuring drivers enjoy an enhanced level of confidence and control on the road.

Lane Keep Assist

Navigating lanes with precision and safety is paramount, and Subaru’s Lane Keep Assist is designed to ensure just that. The system is adept at recognising lane markings on both sides of your path. Using this data, the system employs steering controls to make gentle corrections, ensuring you stay centred in your lane.

Lane Sway and Lane Departure Warnings

Navigating a lane involves more than just staying within the markers. Our system makes a crucial distinction between lane sway—where the vehicle drifts or sways within the confines of the lane—and lane departure, where the vehicle begins to exit the lane without a turn signal.

By continuously observing the lane markers and gauging your vehicle’s position, our technology promptly alerts you in both scenarios. If it detects that you’re either swaying uncertainly or veering out of your lane, a timely warning is issued. This feature proves invaluable during long drives or when driver fatigue sets in, ensuring you’re always aware, aligned, and safe on the road.

Lead Vehicle Start Alert

In the rhythm of stop-and-go traffic, it’s easy to momentarily lose focus. Our Lead Vehicle Start Alert is designed to mitigate this.

When your Subaru senses the car in front initiating movement, it promptly emits a sound and flashes a visual warning on the instrument cluster, nudging you to keep pace. This intuitive alert mechanism is especially vital in dense traffic situations, ensuring you’re always in sync with the flow. By doing so, it not only aids in maintaining smooth traffic progressions but also significantly reduces the risk of rear-end collisions, enhancing overall safety and driving comfort.

Pre-Collision Braking System and Brake Assist

Ensuring safety in imminent collision scenarios, our Pre-Collision Braking system is designed to be both alert and proactive. The system continuously scans the road, detecting vehicles, pedestrians, or obstacles that might pose a threat. In situations where a frontal impact seems imminent, Pre-Collision Braking jumps into action by alerting the driver and applying full braking force when required.

Brake Assist complements this feature seamlessly. If a driver attempts to take evasive action but their braking input falls short of what’s needed, Brake Assist boosts the braking force, ensuring optimal deceleration. Together, these mechanisms can dramatically reduce the severity of, or even prevent, potential frontal impacts. They not only aid in immediate collision avoidance but also contribute to long-term driving confidence and safety.

Brake Light Recognition

Understanding the actions of the car ahead can be a lifesaver, especially in heavy traffic. Our Brake Light Recognition employs high-resolution stereo colour cameras to precisely identify the brake lights of the vehicle in front. Should those lights suddenly activate, the system instantly detects this change and initiates deceleration, assisting in averting potential collisions.
This timely response not only enhances your safety but also provides peace of mind, ensuring that you’re always one step ahead in unpredictable traffic situations.

Pre-Collision Throttle Management

Unintended acceleration can be a driver’s worst nightmare, leading to potential accidents.

Subaru’s pre-collision throttle management is meticulously designed to combat this risk. When EyeSight detects objects in front of the vehicle that could be impacted, it restricts engine output, reducing available acceleration. This is particularly vital in situations where a driver inadvertently hits the accelerator instead of the brake.

This feature not only minimises potential impact force but also curtails frontal impact damage. By decreasing the power of the engine, it actively works to lower the severity of impacts arising from accidental accelerator use, adding a layer of protection to your drive.

Experience EyeSight in Action: Book a Test Drive Today!

In our quest to deliver unparalleled safety and innovation, Subaru’s EyeSight technology stands as a testament to our commitment. While reading about these features provides insight, nothing compares to the firsthand experience.

We invite you to feel the difference, to understand the precision and the peace of mind it offers. Book a test drive now and witness the future of safe driving with EyeSight.

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