subaru WRX Sportswagon

Subaru WRX Sportswagon

The trio of letters—W R X, have a legacy crafted amidst the dust, mud, and snow of global rally courses.

Making a thunderous entrance, the Subaru WRX ascended to a cult following, ignited by a blend of sheer performance and adrenaline-induced experiences. It garnered adoration from motorsports aficionados seeking thrills, while its high-octane performance harmoniously paired with sophisticated features typically earmarked for luxury vehicles.

Over multiple generations, the Subaru WRX has graced car magazines, video games, and earned a cherished spot in Australian garages.

This iconic marvel has laid down the gauntlet for performance cars, cultivating a fervour among the owners and a yearning among the admirers.

The year 2023 welcomes the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Subaru WRX range in varied avatars—the classic sedan, and now, the pulse-quickening sportswagon. The Subaru WRX range remains steadfast in delivering its signature rush of adrenaline, encased in a meticulously engineered, sturdy chassis and body, continually defining the global standard for accessible high performance.

As a new epoch unfolds, it ushers in a saga of unadulterated passion and enthralling performance. Geared to set hearts racing and evoke a deep-seated desire, a fresh wave of exhilaration is on the horizon.

Which Subaru WRX Sportswagon will you do?

Subaru WRX Sportswagon Car Image
  • 5 Year/Unlimited Km Warranty*
  • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • 2.4-litre turbocharged horizontally-opposed direct injection Boxer 4-cylinder, petrol engine
  • Sport Lineartronic® transmission
  • SRS front passenger seat cushion airbag*
  • 11.6” tablet-like centre information display
  • Subaru's Vision Assist
  • 18" alloy wheels
  • Cloth seat trim
  • New generation EyeSight® Driver Assist technology
  • Driver Monitoring System*
Subaru WRX Sportswagon Car Image
  • 5 Year/Unlimited Km Warranty*
  • Includes Subaru WRX AWD Sportswagon features, plus:
  • Electric sunroof
  • Satellite navigation
  • Leather accented seat trim
  • Powered seats - driver and front passenger
  • Heated seats - front and rear outboard
  • Hands-free powered tailgate
  • Additional Subaru Vision Assist features including Front View Monitor and Side View Monitor
Subaru WRX Sportswagon Car Image
  • 5 Year/Unlimited Km Warranty*
  • Features build upon Subaru WRX AWD Sportswagon and WRX AWD GT Sportswagon, including:
  • Electronic control dampers
  • Drive Mode Select - Comfort, Normal, Sport, Sport+ and Individual
  • 18" alloy wheels with unique finish
  • Ultrasuede® seat trim
  • Leather steering wheel with STI logo plate insert
  • Instrument cluster with STI logo
  • Dual tail pipes - sports style with STI logo
  • Exterior tS badge
Subaru WRX Sportswagon Car Image
  • 5-Year/Unlimited Km Warranty*
  • Includes Subaru WRX AWD Sportswagon features, plus:
  • Ultrasuede® seat trim
  • Powered driver and front passenger seats
  • Blue stitching - seat trim, door trim, instrument panel, steering wheel, shift boot, centre console ‘padding’ and front centre armrest
  • Suede look and synthetic leather door trim insert
  • Suede look for the upper half of the instrument panel
  • 2 x rear USB charging ports
  • Crystal black – Door mirror caps, rear spoiler and shark fin antenna
  • Black rear badging
  • 50 Years Edition badges


Premium Entertainment At Your Fingertips Put simply, this is the most technologically advanced Subaru WRX ever made. New generation technology resides in every square millimeter of each vehicle in the range. It’s all there from the advanced proactive safety of Subaru’s Vision Assist, the sleek infotainment system and the astounding 21st century science unleashed under the bonnet..

Dialled to 11

Infotainment in the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Subaru WRX has been dialled up to 11 – literally. Featuring a seriously sophisticated high-tech infotainment unit – with an 11.6” tablet-like touchscreen and Sports instrument cluster with Multi-Information Display. Sink into re-designed sport seats with powered and heated front seats*on selected variants. This is what the WRX commitment to performance delivers when applied to every single detail - inside and out.

Premium Entertainment At Your Fingertips

Delve into a world of luxury with the Subaru WRX's premier entertainment system, anchored by an 11.6" LCD touchscreen. Every model boasts Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, digital radio, and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, bridging the gap between exhilarating drive and digital essentials. The enhanced infotainment in the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Subaru WRX showcases a sleek touchscreen interface, paired with a sporty instrument cluster and Multi-Information Display. Re-designed sport seats, with powered and heated options on selected variants, complete the blend of performance and in-car entertainment, embodying WRX's hallmark excellence.

Feel the premium sound

Subaru WRX AWD RS and WRX AWD tS sedan variants feature the premium Harman Kardon®1 audio system, with 10 speakers and the largest additional subwoofer available in a Subaru to date. Offering you the powerful and deep bass we know you love.

Navigate Swiftly with Sat Nav

Transition swiftly and effectively from point A to B with the aid of satellite navigation¹. ¹Note: Satellite Navigation is not accessible on Subaru WRX AWD and WRX Sportswagon AWD models.

Ease of Access on the Go

With arms full, revel in the ease provided by a powered tailgate¹ equipped with a hands-free badge sensor. ¹Note: The feature of a powered tailgate with hands-free sensors is available on the Subaru WRX Sportswagon AWD GT and WRX Sportswagon AWD tS models.


Subaru WRX raises the bar on raw power. With our famous combination of the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, the potent Boxer engine, and the option of one of the best LineartronicTM CVT automatic transmissions on the road, they make for one hell of a driving experience.

Performance Embodied from Start to Finish

Performance Embodied from Start to Finish

Emerging from a legendary lineage and crafted over three decades of innovation, the All-Wheel Drive Subaru WRX embodies the most exhilarating iteration yet in the iconic WRX narrative. The journey of performance enhancements commences with amplified power, provided by a 2.4-litre direct-injected turbocharged horizontally-opposed Boxer engine. The ultra-low centre of gravity coupled with an improved* power-to-weight ratio underpins dynamic stability and brisk acceleration. The meticulously crafted body houses a chassis with heightened rigidity, ushering in refined* control, steering responsiveness, and cornering prowess. With the unveiling of the Subaru Performance Transmission, experiencing it firsthand is imperative to truly grasp the authentic sports car acceleration and efficiency it brings to the table.

Subaru Performance Transmission

Subaru Performance Transmission

Infusing sports-inspired dexterity and formidable engine prowess, the Subaru WRX Sportswagon AWD is endowed with the 8-speed Subaru Performance Transmission, a feature also available on selected sedan models. This transmission suite integrates the Sport Lineartronic® gearbox, Variable Torque Distribution, and Sports Shifting Control, creating a seamless synergy of performance elements. By facilitating around 30% swifter upshifts and approximately 50% rapid downshifts, the Subaru Performance Transmission elevates the driving experience with its revamped, more assertive shift logic. This advancement yields a faster and more intuitive response to driver inputs, ensuring each journey is not only more enjoyable but also deeply engaging.

Turbocharged Boxer Engine

Turbocharged Boxer Engine

The essence of Subaru WRX is animated by the legendary turbocharged horizontally-opposed Boxer engine alongside the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. Unlike conventional engines, the Boxer is engineered to occupy a lower and flatter stance within the engine bay, a design nuance that minimises noise and vibration in the cabin. This lowered centre of gravity enhances stability, cornering precision, and road traction, encapsulating a harmony of performance and comfort.

Aerodynamic Excellence

Aerodynamic Excellence

The design of the Subaru WRX AWD transcends aesthetic appeal, embracing enhanced aerodynamics. Through meticulous management of airflow around and through the vehicle, engineers have sculpted a WRX that exhibits diminished lift. This aerodynamic finesse translates to a more tactile steering experience for the driver, along with heightened vehicle stability, embodying a blend of aesthetics and performance engineering.

Drive It Your Way

Drive It Your Way

Unrivalled driver control is delivered via the distinctive 3-mode Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive)1, and Drive Mode Select2 on selected variants, which give the driver integrated control over key vehicle systems. This powerful combination delivers vehicle stability and driver control, with tailored steering response characteristics, dynamic handling and exhilarating torque.

Precision-Tuned Suspension

Precision-Tuned Suspension

The WRX steps up its game with an improved suspension system, making its sharp handling even better. You'll notice a smoother ride whether you're turning corners, steering straight, or just driving along, thanks to better shock absorbers, a stronger framework, and high-quality tires. This upgrade ensures a better grip on the road and a more stable, comfortable drive.

Manual transmission

Manual transmission

For enthusiasts who relish a 'hands-on' driving experience, the 2.4-litre Boxer engine is coupled with an exhilarating 6-speed manual transmission¹ on select sedan models, offering a direct and engaging gear-shifting adventure. ¹6-speed manual transmission is available on Subaru WRX AWD and WRX AWD RS models only.


Explore the Subaru WRX's blend of top-tier performance, aesthetic allure, and functional versatility through its rich array of specifications and features. Each element is crafted to elevate your driving experience, meeting the demands of modern lifestyles.


202KW @5600rpm

Maximum power output (DIN)

Fuel Efficiency

11.2 L / 100km (CVT)

(ADR 81/02) combined


192 g/ km (CVT)

(ADR 81/02) combined


You don’t get a 5 star ANCAP* safety rating for nothing. Subaru WRX and WRX STI are loaded with the very latest protective, preventative and predictive safety features.

Thrill-Ride Assurance

The All-Wheel Drive Subaru WRX endows you with a thrill-ride assurance, courtesy of the state-of-the-art safety features encapsulated in the EyeSight® Driver Assist system available on Sport Lineartronic® transmission models. Adding another layer of safety, the advanced Subaru Vision Assist technology and Driver Monitoring System on select variants work tirelessly for enhanced protection, alongside the front passenger seat cushion SRS airbags offering additional peace of mind.

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Driver Monitoring System

Subaru addresses driver distraction and fatigue head-on with its Driver Monitoring System – Driver Focus (DMS)¹ featured in select variants. This forward-thinking system diligently observes the driver's focus to mitigate accident risks. Employing near-infrared LEDs and a camera, the advanced DMS¹ discerns lapses in the driver’s attention or signs of fatigue, triggering an alert to prompt the driver to refocus on the journey ahead. Adding a touch of personalisation, the system's adept facial recognition technology can distinguish up to five different drivers, effortlessly tailoring the cabin ambience to their liking – from climate control adjustments to Multi-Information Display (MID) settings. In certain variants, the system extends its customisation to auto-adjusting the driver's seat and door mirror positions². The Subaru WRX AWD tS and WRX Sportswagon AWD tS models further enrich the driving experience with the Drive Mode Select memory function. ¹Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is not available on Subaru WRX AWD standard manual and Sport Lineartronic® transmission. The performance and capability of the Driver Monitoring System may vary based on environmental and technical conditions. Please refer to the Owner's Manual for comprehensive details. ²Auto door mirror and driver seat adjustments are exclusively available on Subaru WRX AWD RS Sport Lineartronic®, WRX AWD tS Sport Lineartronic®, WRX Sportswagon AWD GT, and WRX Sportswagon AWD tS models.

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EyeSight®Driver Assist

The upgraded EyeSight® Driver Assist¹ system, globally acclaimed for its preventative safety measures, employs high-resolution stereo colour cameras to identify possible hazards and obstructions ahead. Now heightened in vigilance, it offers a suite of features that extend warnings, along with braking and steering interventions designed to alleviate driver strain, avert accidents, and safeguard lives. Newly introduced to the Subaru WRX is the Lane Centering Function, which synergises with Adaptive Cruise Control to assist in maintaining lane positioning. The Speed Sign Recognition displays the detected speed limit for the driver, whereas the Intelligent Speed Limiter can autonomously set the speed limiter to the identified limit. Additional features encompass Autonomous Emergency Steering and Emergency Lane Keep Assist. The core functionalities also encompass a Pre-Collision Braking System, Lane Departure Warning, Pre-Collision Throttle Management, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lead Vehicle Start Alert, Lane Departure Prevention, and Lane Sway Warning, contributing to a robust safety framework.

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Subaru's Vision Assist

A vigilant co-pilot for your journey, Subaru's Vision Assist harnesses radar technology and integrated cameras to discern vehicles and obstacles beyond your field of view, broadening your awareness of the surroundings. Standardly equipped, Vision Assist, when paired with EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology on certain variants, bestows drivers with an enhanced perceptual edge, bolstering preventative safety measures.

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Maximum Visibility

Central to Subaru's safety ethos is the enhancement of driver visibility, a principle that steered the design trajectory of the Subaru WRX. Modifications around the A-pillar and C-pillar blind spots have been made to boost visibility, aiding drivers in swiftly and effortlessly spotting potential hazards, particularly while manoeuvring through tight corners or bustling parking areas. While Subaru may not have command over every road variable, the incorporation of eight SRS airbags in the Subaru WRX, inclusive of the front passenger seat cushion airbag, serves as a mitigative measure to lessen the likelihood of severe injuries during significant mishaps.

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Subaru Global Platform

The Subaru WRX is grounded upon a meticulously crafted body structure and the Subaru Global Platform, encompassing a ring-shaped passenger safety cell that envelops occupants. This design is intended to channel and dissipate the forces of a collision around the cabin, as opposed to through it. Additionally, the chassis structure is devised with crushable zones, which are capable of absorbing collision energy, thereby offering an effective shield for passengers.

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Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for tenacious grip

A cornerstone of Subaru WRX's performance attributes is its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Perfected over decades of rally endeavours, this setup fosters inherent balance from the ground up, channelling optimal engine power to all four wheels for augmented traction across varying terrains. With concurrent power distribution, the Subaru WRX showcases a gripping capacity that doubles that of traditional vehicles, translating to enhanced balance, stability, and a heightened sense of handling assurance. Complementing this, the EyeSight® Driver Assist system, alongside Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), encompasses a spectrum of stability and braking technologies that intervene to uphold the safety of both driver and passengers.

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Preventing accidents

Adhering to Subaru's Preventative Safety ethos, the objective is to avert accidents by identifying prospective hazards on the roadway ahead of time and responding aptly through a myriad of sophisticated safety technologies. A combination of front and side cameras, coupled with a reversing camera, remain vigilantly observant to enhance your safety on the road, minimise blind spots, and ensure pedestrian protection.

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