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A Guide to Driving on Rural Country Roads in Australia

The ultimate guide to driving on country roads - City Subaru

Australia is well known for its open roads, empty beaches, and beautiful sprawling landscapes. While many rural areas are stunning to visit, the ways to get there are limited, often through regional roads and rugged terrains.

Needless to say, getting around by car is a must.

If you plan on visiting some of the most extraordinary and remote locations around Australia, driving on rural roads will be inevitable. But that comes with a level of higher risk that some may find nerve-wracking at the very least, especially when considering the national speed limit.

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled this simple guide to help you overcome Australia’s stunning country roads.


Choose an appropriate Car while driving on rural roads

When it comes to rural driving on country roads, your vehicle is your best friend. The more choice you have in this regard the better. For example, choosing the best suv for country roads crossover, like a Subaru Forester, will be far more convenient than say a hatchback or a sedan. Vehicles that are equipped with 4WD or all-wheel drive are more adaptable to unsealed roads and are safer to drive in more remote and challenging environments.

Pack Extra Oil, Fuel and Water

A long country drive often takes you on roads less travelled. In Australia, that could mean hundreds of kilometres from any sign of civilization. While the chances of something going wrong are minimal, packing extra fluids such as engine oil (remember to check what oil is best for your vehicle beforehand), fuel, and emergency water is a good idea.

Pre-Plan Refuelling Stops

If you plan on following a particular route, having an idea of where the fuel stations are along the way can mitigate the risk of running dry on fuel in the middle of nowhere. This is especially crucial on a long drive through remote areas.

Usually, road signs will tell you exactly how far the next station may be – but bear in mind that some country roads will eat up fuel faster than when driving on city roads.


Always Check the Weather Forecast in Advance

Weather conditions can change frequently and without warning – especially if you’re in the tropics or at higher altitudes. Even in the middle of the desert temperatures can drop below zero degrees at night time. It’s best to stay informed about potential hazards – especially in hot weather. Try not to drive on days where the temperature is above 40 degrees as you risk your car’s radiator packing it in.

Don’t Drive Tired

According to official government sources, fatigue is one of the leading factors contributing to road accidents. Rural driving on country roads has the added danger that there are no bright lights, or other cars to keep you focused; instead, night driving can be lonely, dark, and dangerous. Always have a good night’s sleep before driving and try not to finish work and launch yourself into an hour-long road trip. It’s not worth it.

Be Prepared for a Puncture

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when driving on rural roads is to forget to bring a spare tyre and a car jack. Country roads, unlike city streets, are basically a minefield for potential punctures, with small stones, sharp metal items, and other debris frequently causing tyres to puncture. Be prepared and bring the tools – you never know when you might need them.

High Beam Etiquette

While day driving should always be your go-to option, night driving can be unavoidable – and it’s good to know how to do it safely.

High beams are your best friend for night drives but use them sparingly. While they illuminate objects far further ahead, they also blind oncoming drivers – making them extremely dangerous if used in the wrong way. If you see that a car is coming from either far away, or from around blind bends, it’s polite (and safe) to momentarily switch off your high beams until the road ahead is clear again.

Always Carry a First Aid Kit


Country roads can take you to some of the most beautiful spots in the country. They can also take you far away from built-up areas, hospitals, and doctors. If you run into trouble in the outback, the chances of getting immediate medical assistance are minimal.

It’s good to be prepared. Always carry a first aid kit in the car, and make sure to update it every year with the necessary items including bandages, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, scissors, bite treatments, and tweezers.

Stay Alert for Animals

Suabru forester on Driving on Rural Roads

Australia’s wildlife is renowned for its uniqueness. And while everyone looks forward to seeing kangaroos jumping around, you’ll want to keep your eyes on the road to ensure the first one you see isn’t jumping in front of your car.

Roadkill is a common occurrence on rural roads, and it’s good to know when and where to watch out for stray animals on the road. Kangaroos are known to come out at night – and play on the roads. As temperatures can drop dramatically in the desert, they’re attracted by the warm bitumen – as are many other forms of wildlife. If you drive in the late evening, or morning it’s good to proceed with extra caution.

Regularly service your vehicle

There’s nothing worse than setting off on vacation to break down on the freeway 40 minutes later.

Servicing your vehicle might not sound like the most romantic exercise before taking a holiday, but making sure everything is in working order is essential. Rural areas and their roads are full of surprises (not all of them fun), and a fully serviced car has the best chance of getting you to your end destination without any hiccups. Road markings may be scarce, and you might encounter road trains on your journey, which makes adhering to the speed limit crucial.

Make sure you get your car serviced by professionals – contact the team at City Subaru for Subaru service in Perth. We’ll be happy to add to this list of driving tips for driving on country roads and set you on your way with confidence.

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