Which is Right for You – The New Subaru Liberty or The Subaru Outback?

February 16, 2016 City Subaru Subaru

Which is Right for You – The New Subaru Liberty or The Subaru Outback?

If they are looking for a Subaru Liberty for sale, many potential owners will have hit this particular roadblock. Which is the right car for them, the Subaru Liberty or Outback? Either car will provide excellent value for money, but it is fair to say that they are quite different in some respects. Here we will highlight some of those differences so that it is easier to choose which one is best for you.

The Wheelbase Basics

The wheelbase on the new Subaru Liberty is the same as the one used on the Outback. This is a medium large wheelbase that was initially used on the Liberty when it was available as a wagon. The engineers took the existing wheelbase and created a new SUV vehicle by lifting the suspension and fitting larger tyres. This offroad vehicle was named the Outback, and it has a host of off road features that make it an excellent soft roading vehicle. During the last few years the SUV segment has increased dramatically in popularity and as a result, wagon vehicles such as the Subaru Liberty lost significant market share. Every car manufacturer has experienced this phenomenon to a certain extent.

New Subaru Liberty, Which is Right for You – The New Subaru Liberty or The Subaru Outback?

The New Subaru Liberty Sedan

In response to the consumer demands in the marketplace, Subaru decided to abandon the wagon concept and make the Liberty purely as a sedan. The shared heritage with the Outback is hard to notice externally as the vehicles look radically different. However, inside it would be hard to tell the difference between the two vehicles. The only real clues would be the lack of AWD controls and a lower ride height.


The Subaru Outback

The Outback is larger and heavier than the Liberty as you would expect with an SUV vehicle. The weight is up from 1645 kg to 1702 kg and the length is 20mm longer than the Liberty at 4915 mm. Another noticeable difference is the additional X-Mode offroad controls and the heightened ride. There is little difference in the gear system ratios for the 6 speed CVT gearbox because the dimensions are so similar.

New Subaru Liberty, Which is Right for You – The New Subaru Liberty or The Subaru Outback?

So Which is the Best Choice?

When looking at the Subaru Liberty for sale, it’s natural to look at its slightly bigger brother and wonder about owning an SUV. Although it is not a full fledged off roader, the Outback is quite capable, and many have been unable to resist its charms.

However, as a practical day to day vehicle, the Liberty is a much better option. On paper, both vehicles have a fuel consumption of 9.9L/100km, although this does not account for the drag factor, so in reality, the Liberty is better. Both models drive well on the road, but as you would expect the Outback is better on rougher terrain. One major difference is pricing, is that the Liberty can be had for just $35,490, while the Outback 3.6R is $41,990.

If they would like to know more about the new Subaru Liberty, Australia based drivers should contact us. We have a wide range of Subaru models available including the Liberty, Outback and the WRX. We would be pleased to arrange a test drive for you and look forward to answering any questions that you may have.

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