Launching The All New Hybrid Subaru Forester

Launching The All New Hybrid Subaru Forester
January 15, 2020 City Subaru
Subaru Forester

The best of Subaru has yet to come! Everyone is anticipating the arrival of the Hybrid Subaru Forester. The latest hybrid comes in early next year. This newly developed model hybrid and are coming for future Australian Subaru car owners, making its way to them in just about time!

Rest assured, the hybrid vehicle is said to make its way to us towards the end of 2019. However, their official arrival has been pushed back slightly to “early 2020”. 

At A Glance

Now that we’ve known when the launch could happen, let’s make a recap on the Forester’s strongest points. What it is well known for is its rugged style on the road. More so, we cannot ignore the Forester’s major perks in providing a unique user experience through its ample interior space, convenient-to-use infotainment, the standardized all-wheel-drive system, and eyesight technology.

The Hybrid’s performance is powered by a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder designed to pair with a transmission-mounted electric motor. Normally, a four-cylinder Subaru engine already produces 110kW and 188Nmm, but with the electric motor installed, it adds 10kW and 65Nm! 

The closer we get to the launch date, the more we hear great things about the Hybrid. It’s only just the beginning!

When does the Hybrid Subaru Forester launch?

Subaru brings great news to us as another year begins with the official launch! Setting the excitement for potential consumers who can finally take on the roads in Australia with a new Subaru car during the first quarter of 2020. What we love about the Forester is how it stands out from the older models. It’s said to be one of the brand’s first hybrid vehicles, along with the Subaru’s SUV counterpart.

Hybrid Subaru Forester Price

In spite of the car’s sleek features and high-performance, we can still expect the hybrid’s price range to sit in the mid-range of the entire model lineup. The price range is in contrast with the majority of expensive hybrids. Soon enough, you can get the best out of the yet-to-release hybrid without breaking the bank!

What is Subaru E-boxer?

Subaru’s E-boxer is the new generation power unit that incorporates both the Boxer engine and Symmetrical – All-Wheel Drive (S‑AWD). This E-boxer embodies the standard Subaru performance with the efficiency of the S-AWD. 

The E-boxer features a highly responsive torque control for optimum safety and easy driving experience. Energy spent is now set to its most efficient capacity with an enhanced tolerance for rough roads. So whatever life may throw at you on the road, it’s going to be dealt with ease. 

Final Thoughts On The Hybrid Subaru Forester Launch

Subaru knows exactly how to start the new year by releasing the new Subaru Forester! The perks of fuel efficiency, built-in technology, and throttle responsiveness never fail to bring enjoyment to your city driving experience! Information on the production of the Subaru Forester Hybrid during the first quarter will be quite limited. So don’t wait for it to run out once the launch happens!

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