Forester’s aren’t meant for Off-roading? Take that up with these guys…

Forester’s aren’t meant for Off-roading? Take that up with these guys…
February 3, 2021 City Subaru
Subaru Forester Off Road

Ok, let’s set the record straight. Subaru’s aren’t your everyday ford-a-river 4WD machine. No, far from it. And normally you’d refrain from taking your Forester down a muddy 4WD track just to be on the safe side. But not everyone plays by these rules. Included in that bunch is WA’s very own Subaru 4WD Club. And these people mean business. Whether it’s traversing beaches or literally climbing over rocky hills, these Subis (mostly Foresters by the way) are an actual inspiration to the rest of us. But why is this important?

Subaru Forester off road, Forester’s aren’t meant for Off-roading? Take that up with these guys…

Just take your Subaru Forester off road and you’ll see why.

Enough of the fussing around, you’ve got a Forester and it’s time to do something exciting in it. After all, this is exactly what they’re built for. You may just be surprised at how you get on. 

A message to you hardcore 4×4 fans…

The fact you’re reading this means you’re a (tiny) bit interested in what the Subaru Forester can do. The fact is that Foresters are a very particular breed. They’re tall enough to be a 4×4, they’ve got the wheelbase, engine power, boot space, heck – they even look like a 4WD. The fact that they’re AWD and not a fully-fledged ‘off-roader’ isn’t stopping the WA Subaru 4WD drive club from taking their cars into the mud. Let’s take a closer look at why. 

Taking a Subaru Forester off road is like discovering your dog can fly

Admit it: owning a Forester is a bit exciting. You’ve known it to get you from home to work with the assurance, safety, and ease that any small SUV would deliver. But let some air out of the tyres and throw on some roof racks and you’re basically ready to swim through mud. And for some, it’s not about getting from A to B. It’s all about going off the beaten track and staying there. Our friends at the Subaru 4WD Club would certainly think so. 

So should I just ignore 4 wheel drive only signs?

This is where it gets difficult to call. Of course, we can’t expect a Forester to complete a river crossing and not run into some issues. If you start losing all traction or the path gets too wild and you feel unprepared, it’s probably wise to choose a different route. Otherwise, using some skill and expertise, along with your Forester’s off-road aides, be prepared to surprise yourself. 

Bringing you closer to your adventure 

Slap on some kayak carriers and mud guards and head north to the Murchison River. Don’t let the odd rain shower hold you back. Heading north to complete your favourite stretch of river or drop a line in at the river mouth with a few mates is the perfect way to whet your appetite for the off-roading in the morning. Want some help planning your perfect Western Australian getaway? Read why the Subaru Forester is the Ultimate adventure SUV.

Tow your favourite bikes, surfboards and still get good fuel economy  

Being a small SUV means better fuel economy than most, and the car’s weight and power mean you’re more nimble on the freeway compared to your bulky 4×4 counterparts. With a more than capable (braked) towing capacity of 1,800kg towing the goods to the location is super easy. It’s 2021 and Foresters have had a major upgrade to their engine cooling systems making large loads easier and less stressful to pull. Learn more about towing weights in this article.

Take your Subaru forester off road and explore the wild

The perfect surf, unspoiled dunes, and salt spray thinking the air plus the whole beach to yourself. Finding your spot will mean feeling confident in your car’s ability to get there. With excellent forward vision, high ground clearance and intelligent symmetrical All Wheel Drive, and X-Mode working in the background to climb over the rough, there’s no sandy track where your Forester won’t have fun crawling around. Get onto the beach and make camp. If you’re really smart you would’ve installed a second battery and inverter – nothing beats a cool beer from your own mini-fridge. 

The ultimate camper car

The most stunning places are often the hardest to get to. Camping overnight in the wilderness is one of the most special things you can do. Stargazing with the sound of the ocean crashing in the distance is as magical as it gets. Whether you’re pitching a roof tent, swag, or even sleeping in the car, the Forester pulls through with plenty of room in the boot for supplies, you might even want to consider an aftermarket supplier for a built in kitchen or cargo storage draws. Here’s more on how you can modify your Forester to get the most out of it on camping trips.

Make your Forester even more off-road worthy

Part of the beauty of the Forester is its adaptability. Throw on some simple modifications like off-road headlights, a bull bar, and a roof pod and you might even get close to the level of commitment shown by the WA Subaru 4WD Club. And that’s exactly why this group is so inspiring. They’re not fussed with stereotypes. Nor are they worried their cars won’t make it. They’re just doing it. 

Back to work? Time to show off the mud and dirt

Perhaps the Forester’s greatest achievement is when it hits the metro region after a week of pounding through sand and mud. Back in the inner city suburbs, you’re back to the daily grind and your fuel economy is no different to a family hatch. The mud sprayed up and down the bodywork a friendly reminder of the fun you had on the weekend. 

Final check-up

Always remember to schedule a service before you leave and let the mechanic know about your 4WD plans. They might even recommend a good spot. Having your car fully serviced before you leave will mean full peace of mind – especially when you head off-road. Get in touch with your Subaru local dealership and start your planning today.


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