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Reviewing the Subaru Forester as the Ultimate Adventure SUV.

subaru forester

The Airbnb booking just confirmed. The week’s been booked off work and anticipation is building as the skies clear for your big drive. As summer approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how your next holiday can be the best it can be. That means test driving a new car that will be fit, no, perfect for the job. 

While there are many competitors on the roads that would easily deliver you to your holiday destination, the Subaru Forester will give them all a run for their money. Especially in 2020. While the likes of the Subaru XV crossover will certainly pass for that weekend trip to Margaret River, your next trip to Karijini National Park calls on something bigger and more powerful for the whole family to enjoy.

The Subaru Forester: always the obvious choice

This Subaru Forester review will focus on the things that make this car the adventure car. With a vast array of safety, tech, entertainment perks, spaciousness, excellent fuel efficiency, and of course X-mode and AWD, the Forester has stolen the hearts of die-hard road trippers and Subaru fanatics alike. It doesn’t take much to feel right at home in this extremely accessible SUV.

New Subaru Forester for Sale

Better entertainment and connectivity 

Make sure you’ve downloaded that playlist, the service can get weak in the outback. Long drives will demand some good tunes. Heading north is a beautiful drive but there’s no denying it can feel long at times. Not to worry – the new Forester has something for everyone, no matter where you sit. From a surround sound system including 6 speakers with higher trims sporting additional subwoofers and amplifiers to USB ports for front and back, your drive will be fully charged, loud, and clear. The new Forester Touring is even more versatile with an 8-inch voice activated multimedia navigation system that operates offline. Forget phone service, you’re going into the desert and this car is ready for it.

Is the Subaru Forester fuel efficient?

No doubt long road trips will drain the tank at least a few times before you’re home. Having good fuel efficiency isn’t just about saving the cash, it also affects how often you’ll need to stop to refuel, which on long road trips can be both bothersome and time consuming. When it comes to the numbers, the Forester excels in fuel efficiency, for a heavy car 7.4 Litres per 100km is almost asking too much, but again, this isn’t any car. The Forester is designed for the long road trip where fuel efficiency really counts. But what about when life eventually returns to normal, the daily grind sets back in? Well, the Forester is as versatile as they come with an upgraded (Lineartronic) Continuously Variable Transmission, acceleration is now more fuel efficient than before. The new Forester brings all the perks of a luxury SUV into an affordable package, ready to slip into the routine of working life. 

What comes as standard on the new Forester?

If you don’t want to fork out any extra for the higher trims, don’t fret, because the Subaru Forester comes with an amazing array of extras, no matter the price-tag. First up there’s an automatic rear-view reversing camera that guides your way into difficult parking spots, avoiding stressful scrapes and awkward angles. Second on the list is Subaru’s famous X-Mode system that delivers engine torque and superior grip wherever needed as the car climbs, traverses, or wades through slippery or uneven surfaces. No more getting stuck in a muddy patch, or slipping slightly up that gravel incline, X-Mode will make your drive to the campsite smooth and hassle free. Last but not least, is Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology that monitors for potential collisions and improves road safety for the driver. Every trim comes with lane Change Assist Technology, a Blind Spot Monitor, and Rear Cross Traffic Alerts which work in the background to keep you and your car safe. The Forester is safer than ever before, making it even more appealing for that family trip North. 

Can I tow a pop up camper trailer?

Yes, the starting Forester towing capacity of 1200kg and with braked trailers up to 1500kg. So that pop-up camping trailer you’ve been eyeing off for a bit of extra comfort on the road can be easily hooked up in time for departure. Be sure to check your owners manual regarding weight, and make sure you’re all over how much your trailer weighs. Even if you’re running about town with a trailer for work, knowing the weight of your load is important for the sake of your car and your safety. Having the option to tow is a relief when you’re nowhere near a campsite at dusk or you arrive to find it’s full. Knowing your destination could be anywhere that’s easy to park, creates an air of excitement and spontaneity worth savouring. 

Last bags packed

Ok, you’re almost off. Just one last check that your front door’s locked and lights are off. Packing bags of all shapes and sizes is easy with the Forester’s generous boot space of 509 litres. Even better is the wide and smooth rear gate opening that makes loading and unloading smooth and simple. If you’re hauling extra baggage consider investing in a roof box, while there is plenty of room in the boot, sometimes it’s better to keep some things out the way of potential trouble in the backseat. Getting off to a smooth start is always nice, especially on big family holidays, setting the tone for a fun, relaxed time away from home is crucial. If this sounds like it could be you at the wheel, then surprise yourself, and test drive a Subaru Forester today. This car doesn’t ask much of you, sitting in the front cabin is both spacious and comfortable, feeling at home is easy here. Let the adventure begin.


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