Watch Out Australia the Subaru Forester tS is Heading Your Way

Watch Out Australia the Subaru Forester tS is Heading Your Way
January 18, 2016 City Subaru

The news that many Subaru fans have been waiting for has finally been announced. Subaru has confirmed that the Forester tS (in a slightly modified format) has been greenlit for the Australian marketplace. The numbers will be strictly limited to 300 units, and it remains to be seen if this is an indicator of a wider trend. If they are interested in the Subaru Forester, Perth drivers may be interested in what the new tS model has to offer.

What is the Forester tS?

The Subaru Forester tS is an SUV that is an STI variant on the existing model. It is expected that the vehicle will slightly resemble the upgraded Subaru Forester diesel 2016 which was showcased at the Tokyo motor show this week. However, there will be more than enough differences to tempt prospective buyers. The Forester tS is as close as the company is ever going to come to releasing an SUV that handles and performs like an STI model. Obviously given the design constraints it is not possible to approach the handling of the WRX STI, but that doesn’t mean that Subaru cannot strive towards that goal. In the end we the drivers get to enjoy how close Subaru has managed to get to the full STI experience.

Subaru Forester tS, Watch Out Australia the Subaru Forester tS is Heading Your Way


The Known Specifications

The tS models are built alongside the standard Forester versions, and then an additional 22 tweaks are made to make the vehicles STI ready. They are then moved to the STI facility to receive further modifications. There is a total of 28 tweaks and additional features that are added in post production to make the Forester a tS vehicle. These include an STI-tuned suspension that is 15mm lower, a front adjustable strut brace, a transmission oil cooler, a revised transmission control system, a “Sport Sharp” setting programmed into the SI-Drive control, large 432mm brakes and 19” BBS alloy wheels. Inside the vehicle there is black leather and suede upholstery, a carbon fibre look instrument panel, black pillars, red-lit climate controls and red accents to the branding and stitching. Speaking of branding, the steering wheel, gear shift, engine start button and speedometer all have the STI logo emblazoned upon them.

Subaru Forester tS, Watch Out Australia the Subaru Forester tS is Heading Your Way

When Will it be Available?

The official date for the launch has not been released yet, but it is anticipated that the Forester tS will be available from May or June 2016. The number of vehicles will be strictly limited to 300 units, which is exactly the same number that Subaru released in Japan last year. There is, however, a slight caveat as the Australian model will have a different specification to the Japanese model. The Japanese version is powered by an STI enhanced 2.0 litre boxer engine that generates 206kW of power and 350Nm of torque. The Australian Forester tS has the engine that is used in the current XT model that generates 177kW power and 350Nm torque. So the power output is slightly lower, but it appears that the torque will be the same.

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