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What is Subaru SI-DRIVE

Driver enjoying Subaru's safety features

When exploring the world of Subaru vehicles, you’ll quickly encounter a feature known as Subaru Intelligent Drive, or SI-DRIVE. So, what is Subaru SI-DRIVE, and why should it matter to you as a driver? Let’s dive into the details of this innovative system that enhances driving experiences by offering tailored performance to match your driving style.

Understanding Subaru SI-DRIVE

SI-DRIVE stands for Subaru Intelligent Drive. It’s a sophisticated engine management system that adjusts the car’s performance characteristics to suit various driving conditions and preferences. SI-DRIVE allows drivers to switch between different modes to optimise the vehicle’s response, efficiency, and power. Essentially, it’s like having multiple cars in one, where you can choose whether you want a more fuel-efficient, comfortable ride or a sporty, high-performance drive.

How does Subaru SI-DRIVE work?

At its core, SI-DRIVE alters the engine control unit (ECU) programming to change the throttle response, transmission behaviour, and other engine parameters. By doing so, it transforms how the vehicle reacts to your inputs. Imagine driving through the city during rush hour versus cruising on a scenic highway; the demands on your vehicle are different, and SI-DRIVE helps your Subaru adapt seamlessly.

When you select a mode, the system adjusts several aspects of the vehicle’s performance:

  • Throttle mapping: Determines how much power the engine delivers based on how far you press the accelerator.
  • Transmission mapping: Adjusts gear shifting patterns for automatic transmissions.
  • Fuel injection and timing: Optimises for either fuel efficiency or power.


The Different SI-DRIVE Modes

Subaru SI-DRIVE typically features three modes: Intelligent (I), Sport (S), and Sport Sharp (S#). Each mode offers distinct characteristics tailored to different driving situations and preferences.

Intelligent (I) Mode

This mode prioritises fuel efficiency and smoothness. It’s perfect for daily commuting or when you’re looking to maximise your fuel economy. In Intelligent mode, the throttle response is more gradual, providing a smoother acceleration curve. This not only conserves fuel but also ensures a more relaxed driving experience. Think of it as your go-to setting for stress-free city driving or long-distance highway cruising.

Sport (S) Mode

When you’re in the mood for a bit more excitement, Sport mode is your friend. It strikes a balance between performance and efficiency. The throttle becomes more responsive, and the vehicle feels more eager to accelerate. This mode is ideal for winding roads or situations where you want a more engaging driving experience without sacrificing too much fuel efficiency.

Sport Sharp (S#) Mode

For those who crave maximum performance, Sport Sharp mode delivers. This setting offers the most aggressive throttle response and a more dynamic driving experience. It’s perfect for spirited driving on back roads or when you just want to feel the full potential of your Subaru. In Sport Sharp mode, the vehicle’s engine mapping is optimised for quick acceleration and precise control.

Blue Subaru WRX in dynamic off-road action, showcasing AWD capabilities

Benefits of Subaru SI-DRIVE

Subaru SI-DRIVE provides a host of benefits that enhance both the every day and the extraordinary driving experiences.

Customised Driving Experience

With SI-DRIVE, you can tailor the vehicle’s performance to your preferences and driving conditions. Whether you prioritise fuel efficiency for a long road trip or crave the thrill of a sporty drive, your Subaru has a mode to match your needs.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

In Intelligent mode, your Subaru optimises engine performance to maximise fuel economy. This means fewer trips to the petrol station and more money saved over time, all while reducing your environmental footprint.

Enhanced Performance

When you switch to Sport or Sport Sharp mode, your Subaru unleashes the full potential of it’s engine. You’ll enjoy sharper throttle response, quicker acceleration, and a more engaging driving experience, perfect for those who love to drive.


The ability to switch between modes makes your Subaru versatile enough to handle a wide range of driving scenarios. From city commutes to weekend getaways, SI-DRIVE ensures your vehicle is always up to the task.

How to Use Subaru SI-DRIVE

Using SI-DRIVE is straightforward. Typically, the SI-DRIVE selector is located on the centre console or the steering wheel, depending on the Subaru model. Here’s a quick guide on how to use it:

  1. Locate the SI-DRIVE selector: This might be a dial or a set of buttons, often labelled with “I,” “S,” and “S#.”
  2. Select your desired mode: Turn the dial or press the button to switch between Intelligent, Sport, and Sport Sharp modes. The selected mode will usually be displayed on the instrument panel.
  3. Drive: Your Subaru will adjust its performance characteristics based on the mode you’ve selected, providing a tailored driving experience.

Subaru Models Equipped with SI-DRIVE

SI-DRIVE is available in a range of Subaru models, primarily those equipped with higher-performance engines. Some of the popular models featuring SI-DRIVE include:

  • Subaru WRX and WRX STI: These performance-oriented sedans are renowned for their rally heritage and sporty driving dynamics. SI-DRIVE enhances their versatility by allowing drivers to switch between everyday usability and high-performance thrills.
  • Subaru Outback: Known for its ruggedness and capability, the Outback with SI-DRIVE can effortlessly transition from an efficient highway cruiser to a spirited backroad adventurer.

Subaru Outback Blue Colour

Why Test Drive a Subaru with SI-DRIVE?

Experiencing SI-DRIVE firsthand is the best way to understand its benefits. By test-driving a Subaru equipped with this system, you can feel the difference between the modes and discover how each mode enhances your driving experience.

Discover the difference for yourself by visiting Perth City Subaru and taking a test drive in one of the models equipped with SI-DRIVE. Your next drive could be the best one yet. To experience the latest features and innovations firsthand, book a test drive with Perth City Subaru today.