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The Ultimate Tourer. Subaru Outback Review

subaru outback review

When you go on tour, you want your car to be able to do a bit of everything. You want to sit back in comfort, with plenty of space and off-roading ability at your fingertips. A bit of fun on the corners is but a matter of principle. Touring in Western Australia demands a car that does it all. From crawling along beaches to climbing steep tracks, you’ll be looking for a car that delivers in every situation. And no car quite does it like the Subaru Outback. As far as touring cars go, the Outback is the king of the open road, and here’s why. 

Redefining the modern touring holiday 

Once upon a time, we planned trips far in advance. We booked the accommodation and set off with a clear itinerary. A list of towns to stop at; attractions to visit. It was a plan so sacred and cherished, that if a different route arose it would be passed off and played safe. These days it’s a bit different. Your drive to Broome may have a firm destination, but the route there? Well, it could go anywhere. 

That’s because we now have cars like the Outback. 

A car that is versatile to the point that it doesn’t matter which road you take, you can count on it to get you where you need to go. It’s this desire to have the flexibility that has changed the way road trips work. We all crave a bit of unpredictability, exclusivity, and adventure. Who knows where you’ll spend the night? It may be on a sand dune, it could be in a town. It’s cars like the Outback that are changing the way we experience holidays on the road. 

Smooth from the very start

It all starts when you pack the car. You’re not just throwing a briefcase in and slapping your foot on the accelerator. You want to pack many things. Tents, esky, fishing rods, and clothes. Not only do you need all this to fit easily, but it also mustn’t encroach on the seating area. Part of the fun of a tour is being able to drive comfortably with access to all the things you’ll need on arrival. With an impressive boot size and shape, the loading and packing have become divine.

Big trip, more comfort

Being comfortable means something else on tour. Sure, every car wants to boast about comfort levels. Designers and spend sleepless nights trying to optimise comfort, particularly in the front cabin. For longer trips, you especially want that smooth spacious ride. The Outback has ample space in the cabin and positively loads of legroom in the back. But as far as comfort goes, the Outback has an extra perk that makes it all the more tour-ready. It’s been made quieter. With clever use of acoustic glass and other modifications powering down the highway is now more relaxing than ever before with 3 fewer decibels to reckon with. 

All the Subaru classics are standard 

Planning on a little beach driving? Taking a tour in Western Australia isn’t ever complete without sinking your tyres into pristine sands as the sun plunges into the ocean. Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive will get you there. Its standard, it’s beloved and it’s the perfect way to ensure you’re not missing any of the special moments. Extra grip is exactly what you’ll need to get to those beauty spots. 

When the tour hits the dirt 

And there’s more that can help in this department too. X-Mode is also standard across all 7 trims delivering torque in the correct dose per the situation. Ascending steep rocky tracks and crawling over rougher, more slippery terrain is a piece of cake for the X-Mode enhanced Outback. There’s always a moment of pride when the X-Mode button has been activated and the car proceeds to glide over would-be impossible surfaces. What goes up must come down. From the top, it’s the Hill Descent Control (HDC) that’s going to baffle and surprise with superior steering and throttle control. With a massive 8.7 inches of clearance, the competition is left scraping their bellies on rocks at the bottom.

Reliably safe

Standard on the Subaru Outback is a pre-collision safety system, automatic emergency braking, lane assist, and adaptive cruise control, and an assortment of airbags. It’s as safe as they come when you’re looking at the lower trims. Optional are blind-spot monitors, a rear cross-traffic alert system and the Limited trim adds a reverse braking system and Subaru DriverFocus tech. For the driver who wants safety but doesn’t want to actually think about it, this is your jam. There’s nothing overwhelmingly in your face like some safety systems out there. You don’t feel like the computer has stolen the drive; you’re the one in control. 

Outback to the rescue

There is much to be said for the Outback as an Australian icon. It’s no mistake that the name conjures images of where the car feels truly at home. And yes, the dusty Australian outback is a worthy adversary for any well-meaning car. With such excellent versatility, from off-roading to flat out speed, the outback has earned its spot as a favourite of the emergency services in remote and rural regions. There’s a certain sense of pride that comes with knowing this car is used by those that need a car that works everywhere. 

Anticipate the unpredictable 

At the end of the day, the 2020 Subaru Outback is a car that is ready to take on any challenge. It’ll also make it fun. It’s there by your side through everything from rough bitumen to soft sand. With so much to offer from safety to comfort and spaciousness, it’s no surprise that this car is ready to scrap the GPS and explore. This car really lets you run a bit wild, and that’s exactly what makes this car so endearing. It’s not afraid to take risks.

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