Subaru Outback Sales Going Strong

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New Subaru Outback, Subaru Outback Sales Going Strong


The new Subaru Outback was anticipated to be popular. The model was developed using Australian driving conditions, so it is considered that with the Subaru Outback, Perth drivers can obtain the perfect SUV. However, the sales figures have surprised even industry experts with amazing and record breaking sales posted in March.

The March sales figures for the new Subaru Outback were very impressive. The model finished as the third highest selling large SUV, with sales of 1180 units. This was only beaten by the Jeep Grand Cherokee with 1197 units and the Toyota Prado with 1483 units sold. This represents a growth of 410.8 percent. In the “soft roader” segment, the five seater Outback defeated all rivals including the Toyota Kluger, Holden Captiva, Ford Territory, Nissan Pathfinder, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-9 and the Kia Sorrento.

The massive pricing cuts of up to $10,000, which were announced when the new Subaru Outback was launched back in December, have obviously assisted with these massive sales figures. The sales figures for March 2015 confirm that the model sold 949 units over the March 2014 sales figures. Across the whole market, there was only one other vehicle, not counting brand new models which lack a March 2014 sales baseline, which posted a larger gross growth figures; the Mitsubishi Triton.

This model has provided excellent support to an already excellent sales period. The new Subaru Outback, together with the new Liberty, which was also launched late last year, have managed to boost sales and make up for other models slower sales. The Liberty sales figures were 425 units, which is up 350 percent. The other strong seller for the brand was the new generation WRX, which sold 331 units with a 560 percent increase.

Subaru enjoyed total sales growth across the whole range of 5 percent. The new Subaru Outback accounted for over a quarter of the total Subaru sales, beating the brand’s other heavy hitting SUV; the Forrester, which sold 1167 units. This has meant that the Subaru Outback Perth drivers will see in showrooms was ranked as the 10th best seller for the Month.

This impressive performance has helped Subaru to achieve sales growth, despite some of their range underperforming. For example, the Impreza saw a drop in sales with 191 units, down 62 percent. The XV also lost a significant amount of the market share with 606 units sold, in the midst of newer rival small SUVs being launched onto the market. The company also needed to compensate for the discontinued Tribeca, which provided 147 units sold last month.

As the sales figures support, with the new Subaru Outback, Perth drivers can be assured of a great performance with a very attractive price tag. This sales trend looks set to continue throughout the year, offering Subaru the opportunity to have an amazing 2015.

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