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Can You Put A Lift Kit On Your Subaru Outback?

Subaru Outback - Dark Blue Pearl

Lift kits, like the Subaru Outback lift kit available in Australia, can transform your vehicle in two significant ways. First, they provide extra height, allowing you to tackle virtually any terrain with ease. Second, they enhance your car’s appearance with an eye-catching, rugged attitude, making other car owners envious. Whether you’re navigating the rugged outback or just want your vehicle to stand out, a lift kit is a game-changer.

Many drivers in the Subaru community are grappling with the question of whether their car requires a lift kit. An already rugged car, the Outback certainly puts forward a strong case for an extra inch or two. 

But for anyone not familiar with how lift kits work, can you lift your new Subaru Outback? Is it safe? 

Here’s a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks, and the kinds of lift kits on the market. 

Can you lift a Subaru Outback?

Short answer – yes. And it’s actually pretty easy to get done too. Lift kits these days are more widely available than ever, and the Subaru Outback is designed to accommodate a range of aftermarket lift options. Being an all-wheel drive, the Subaru Outback is ideal for off-road adventures where that extra lift can go a long way.

Benefits of a Subaru Outback lift kit

There are multiple benefits of installing a lift kit, even if you’re not an avid off-roader. A Subaru Outback lift kit can certainly give you that extra go-anywhere capability, and can also improve your car’s performance and appearance. Here are some of the main benefits of that extra lift.

Better off-roading capability 

If you’re hoping to take the Outback onto some more difficult terrain, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. It’s no surprise that more ground clearance equals better off-road capability. With more space for manoeuvrability, the car’s approach, break-over, and departure angles are greatly improved by a lift kit. A Subaru Outback lift kit will also mean you can install larger tyres, which is always impressive.

Protect vital parts

The extra ground clearance allows your Subaru Outback to traverse rougher, rockier, and steeper terrain with extra peace of mind that your undercarriage is further away from potentially sharp and damaging surfaces. One of the major risks in off-roading is damage to vital components underneath. A lift kit fixes that. Even if you manage to scrape your undercarriage, a lift kit makes the inspection process far easier when it comes to sliding underneath.

More visibility 

A lift kit proves visibility, raising the car and the driver above the usual levels to give a better line of sight through all windows. This is especially helpful when you’re going off the beaten track. In more difficult terrain, better visibility improves the safety of driving, compared to lower-profile vehicles. The Subaru Outback, isn’t exactly known for being a tall car, but a lift kit can change how you see the road forever. 

More comfortable ride

A suspension lift kit can greatly improve the ride – especially if you’re carrying a heavy load. The closer a car is to the ground, the harder it is for the suspension to do its job of cushioning the ride.

Better towing experience 

The Subaru Outback is a great car for towing – with 2000kg of braked towing capacity, it’s enough to pull a small camper, or make regular trips with a small boat. Having a suspension lift improves the whole towing experience, from the vehicle’s handling to manoeuvrability and comfort.

Explore the different types of Subaru Outback lift kits on the market to find the best fit for your needs

When looking to elevate the capabilities and appearance of your Subaru Outback, considering a lift kit is a great choice. Each type of lift kit offers distinct benefits and suits different off-roading needs. Here’s a breakdown of the various Subaru Outback lift kits available on the market to help you find the best fit for your adventures:

1. Strut Top Lift Kits (1-2 inches)

These kits are among the most popular choices for Subaru Outback owners. They involve installing spacers above the factory strut assemblies. The main advantages include:

Ease of Installation: These kits are relatively easy to install, making them ideal for DIY enthusiasts.
Cost-Effectiveness: Strut top lifts are generally more affordable than more comprehensive suspension lifts.
Minimal Impact on Ride Quality: Since these kits primarily add spacers above the struts, the original suspension geometry is largely maintained, keeping the factory ride quality intact.

2. Lower Lift Brackets (2.5 inches)

Lower lift brackets are similar to strut top lifts but provide a slightly higher lift. These kits include brackets that lower the entire strut assembly:

Increased Clearance for Larger Tires: The additional height allows for the installation of larger tires, which can enhance the vehicle’s off-road capability.
Enhanced Off-Road Performance: With more ground clearance, you can tackle tougher terrain without worrying about undercarriage damage.

3. Suspension Lift Kits (1 inch)

Suspension lifts involve replacing the factory springs with longer, often stiffer, springs to raise the vehicle:

Improved Handling with Heavy Loads: These kits are ideal if you regularly carry heavy equipment or tow trailers, as they help maintain stability.
Enhanced Comfort Over Rough Terrain: The new springs can absorb bumps and shocks better, providing a smoother ride in off-road conditions.

4. Custom Lift Kits (3+ inches)

For those looking for significant increases in ground clearance and are willing to modify their vehicle extensively:

Major Increase in Clearance and Capability: Custom lifts can transform your Subaru Outback into a serious off-road machine capable of handling almost any terrain.
Customization Options: These kits often come with various components that can be tailored to specific needs and preferences.

Choosing the Right Lift Kit

When selecting a lift kit, consider the following factors to ensure you get the most out of your upgrade:

Your Driving Needs: Determine what type of terrain you plan to tackle. More extreme off-roading will require a more robust lift kit.
Budget: Lift kits can vary widely in price. Set a budget that reflects your commitment to modifying your vehicle.
Warranty and Compliance: Check if installing a lift kit affects your vehicle’s warranty. Also, ensure that the lift kit complies with local vehicle regulations to avoid legal issues.

By understanding the different types of lift kits and assessing your needs, you can significantly enhance your Subaru Outback’s performance and appearance, making every journey more exciting and comfortable.

What are the disadvantages of lift kits?

There are several downsides to lift kits:

  1. Lift kits can increase fuel consumption – especially if you’re sporting larger, heavier tyres. The extra drag of the types and the weight of the kit itself can slightly increase your fuel spend. 
  2. Lift kits give cars a higher centre of gravity – making them more prone to rollovers. Make sure a lift kit is properly tested before you commit to installing it. 
  3. Wear and tear of the axle is also an issue – particularly with suspension lift kits. You’ll want to make sure you’re aware of the extra costs associated with servicing or replacing. 
  4. Warranties – you may lose your manufacturer warranty if you install a lift kit. Be sure to check with your dealer before you get on lifting.

The bottom line 

Lift kits for Subaru Outbacks can be a game-changer. Whether you’re off-roading, heading down south for a weekend trip, or find yourself carting around heavy gear, a safe lift solution can greatly improve performance, comfort and make your car look incredible. There are risks with modifications but, if done safely, can improve your driving experience, and even make your off-road driving safer overall.