A Review of the 2017 Subaru BRZ Manual Version

A Review of the 2017 Subaru BRZ Manual Version
May 17, 2017 City Subaru

When they think about the Subaru BRZ, Perth petrolheads may already be aware of its unique position in the Subaru stable. For those not in the know, the BRZ is the only non all wheel drive car and sports coupe sold by Subaru. Given these unique attributes this in an interesting and exciting car that also acts as a gateway drug into other performance Subaru cars such as the WRX STI.
subaru brz, A Review of the 2017 Subaru BRZ Manual Version

The Design:

As one would expect the BRZ has much in common with its sibling the Toyota 86. However, there are enough distinct touches to ensure that the BRZ is its own car and not some kind of carbon copy. There are seven different colors available for further customisation, and these are non cost extras which is a nice touch. Outside, we have 17” alloy wheels, front and rear bumpers with blacked out matching trim and LED daytime running lights. The BRZ as one would expect has a squat aggressive profile that begs to be driven. The powerplant is a Subaru flat four that has had a power increase of 5kW over the outgoing model to 152kW. The torque also has an additional 7Nm of available bringing it up to 212 Nm. Combined with a weight of 1,282kg and controlled by a six speed manual transmission, this gives us a 0-100km/hr time of 7.4 seconds which is very respectable.

Inside the Cabin:

Sliding into the cabin, you experience all the little touches that you would expect. There are premium Subaru badges, graphics and a higher standard of interior plastics and trim than we have seen in previous years. The dashboard, in particular, has seen a massive improvement, with features such as a new info screen for the tacho, a digital readout for power and torque settings and brand new dashboard start up graphics. All the digital readouts have easy to read LCD figures that are sharp and up to date.

The Experience:

Starting up the BRZ immediately lets you know that you are in for something special. The cornering is instant; it’s hard to believe that your driving a rear wheel drive car as it feels more like an all wheel drive model. This updated model feel stiffer and tighter, the difference is a subtle one, but drivers of the previous model will notice it. The handling is still light and fun, for a more extreme experience track mode can be engaged.

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