Four Reasons to Consider the New Subaru Liberty 2015 3.6R

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If you are considering a Subaru Liberty for sale, the 3.6R may seem like a like a luxury option. However, unlike many long standing models which appear to get larger and heavier with a hefty price tag, the new Subaru Liberty 2015 3.6R not only has a more luxurious interior and additional equipment but it also has a lower price tag. This means that it’s better and cheaper than previous models and here are four reasons why you should consider it for your next vehicle.

It Benefits From a Price Drop:

Although the 3.6R is the flagship new Subaru Liberty 2015 model, it has had thousands of dollars cut from the price tag, taking it down to $41,990. This is a significant saving from the 2014 variants. This means that there has never been a better time to get a great price deal on a Subaru Liberty for sale.

It Has a Great Cabin:

Although the Liberty lacks the luggage space of the Outback, the cabin is still a very comfortable space. The 3.6R has five seats with scratch resistant soft leather trimmed pews and heated seats for the front seat passengers. The doors are also leather trimmed to complement the overall aesthetic. The centre console and dashboard have also been redesigned to showcase the new 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system. This new system features a colour LCD touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity for phone and audio streaming.

It is a Driver’s Car:

The new 3.6R Subaru Liberty for sale, certainly lives up to the brand slogan of “All 4 the Driver”. Not only is the cabin a really nice place to be, but the model is built around the 3.6 litre six cylinder horizontally opposed Boxer engine, like what you would find in a sports car such as a Porsche. This means that whether you are commuting to work or are embarking on a longer journey, you have the power and performance you need. The ride quality feels smooth and reacts well to potholes, bumps and other challenging road conditions. Since the model also has the Subaru all wheel drive system you can also feel confident in road holding even in high speed or difficult corners.

It Has All the Tech You Need:

While some vehicle may lack all the bells and whistles, the 3.6R has a fantastic touchscreen interface, which allows you to control all the systems. The interface is easy to use and pairing your Bluetooth phone or devices is simple. There is also the Subaru EyeSight system included, which has several driver aids including lane departure warning, radar guided cruise control and traffic tracking.

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