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7 Incredible Road Trips of Down South WA & Surrounds

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South Western Australia has so much to offer the spontaneous road-tripper. With excellent roads and stunning landscapes all the way, choosing your next destination is an exciting activity in and of itself. Here are the top 7 road trips to put on your to-do-list.

1. Perth to Pemberton

Perth to Pemberton- 7 Incredible Road Trips of Down South WA & Surrounds

Distance: 325km one way

Top 3 highlights: Bog Brook Dam, Bibbulmun Track, Lake Yeagarup 

Ideal car for the trip: Subaru Crosstrek (average fuel cost $80)

Pack a lunch and fill up on coffee before hitting the road, you’ve got a couple of stops to make. Leaving the city heading south on the freeway brings you that first breath of country air, it’s tempting to stop but stay strong until you reach bustling Bridgetown. The perfect chance to refuel and discover some local historical sights and unpack that picnic on the grassy banks of the Blackwood River.

Only 1.5 hours to go!

Highlights to explore while you’re here are the Karri Forest Explorer Drive (also the perfect chance to unleash your XV crossover and experiment with your off-road features) or the Heartbreak Trail Scenic Drive for a chance to immerse yourself in the Karri forests and natural swimming pools – all at your own pace.

2. Perth to Esperance 

Perth to Esperance

Distance: 700km one way

Top 3 highlights: Pink Lake, Lucky Bay, Esperance Museum 

Ideal car for the trip: Subaru Outback (average fuel cost $280)

You’ll want to leave early in the morning for this one, but the rewards are there for the taking once you sink your tired feet into the powdery sand and plunge into the bluest ocean you’ve ever seen. Breaking up the drive with a camping stop at one of the many salt lakes is a smart way to make the most of the wild scenery along the way. Being a long drive, you’re going to want to stock up on fuel before you leave. The Subaru Outback is our pick for this route, with the largest boot and tank.

3. Perth to Margaret River

Perth to Margaret River

Distance: 280km one way

Top 3 highlights: Wineries, Conto’s Beach, Mammoth Cave 

Ideal car for the trip: Subaru Forester (average fuel cost $100)

New Subaru Forester for Sale

New Subaru Forester Sport for Sale

Drive south through Busselton and stop for lunch in Cowaramup or Cow Town as it’s lovingly known, and then finish up your drive by catching a glimpse of the river mouth. With plenty of beach driving to be done, the Subaru Forester is the perfect build for the job. Try Kilcarnup Road (off caves road) for beach access – there are endless routes to take so don’t be afraid to go exploring. If you’re looking to upgrade your experience with enhanced features and sportier performance, check out the new Subaru Forester Sport for sale at your local dealership.

This modification not only introduces the vehicle but also ties its features directly to the travel experience, enhancing its appeal to potential buyers reading about the road trip.

Explore our comprehensive guide on driving safely on rural country road for valuable insights and tips

4. Perth to Walpole/Nornalup 

Perth to Walpole Nornalup

Distance: 420km one way

Top 3 highlights: Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, Mandalay Beach, Walpole Inlet

Ideal car for the trip: Subaru Forester (average fuel cost $140)

The ideal weekend getaway – not as far as Albany but far enough that you’re missing the main crowds – this region is littered with spectacular beaches and lush forests. Rent a houseboat and cruise around the Walpole Inlet catching breathtaking views and forests teeming with wildlife. With plenty of gravel and dirt loose tracks – the Forester will be your best friend through these dynamic driving conditions.

5. Perth to Denmark 

Perth to Denmark 

Distance: 440km one way

Top 3 highlights: Greens Pool, Bartholomews Meadery, Denmark town 

Ideal car for the trip: Subaru Crosstrek  (average fuel cost $150)

Heading south on the Albany Highway and then veering right before you reach Mount Barker will deliver you to Denmark, and the beautiful William Bay National Park. Venture just outside town, and find the beautiful Greens Pool beach and Elephant Rocks. Look out for the local ice cream van in the car park that brings crowds in on a hot day. In the Subaru XV, you’ll have the light versatility and fuel efficiency to get you quickly to your destination, allowing you to make the most of your time in nature.

6. Perth to Augusta 

Perth to Augusta 

Distance: 320km one way

Top 3 highlights: Jewel Cave, Cape to Cape track, Boranup Forest 

Ideal car for the trip: Subaru Forester (average fuel cost $75)

Caving enthusiasts and fishers will be more at home in Augusta, with only a few hours on the road and then ultimate freedom awaits. Whether it’s hiking through the majestic Boranup Forest, or sinking a line in the Hardy Inlet this is a family getaway dream. With water sports, and biking trails galore, you’ll want a car that can bring down the whole kit without a hassle. The Forester is ideal for the job, providing good fuel economy and space for your gear. 

7. Perth to Albany and the Stirling Ranges 

Perth to Albany and the Stirling Ranges 

Distance: 420km one way

Top 3 highlights: Bluff Knoll, Torndirrup National Park, Porongurup National park 

Ideal car for the trip: Subaru Outback (average fuel cost $140)

This region is as diverse as it gets. Picturesque beaches, rolling hills, and ranges, with hiking, biking, climbing, and swimming all on the table, this region is bursting with possibilities. Road tripping in this region is done best when you’ve got plenty of space in your boot for equipment, plus the extra legroom for the long drives between destinations. Feel accomplished by climbing WA’s summit Bluff Knoll and celebrate by dining at some of Albany’s finest fish and chips joints.

Get road-trip-ready 

Still haven’t found the right car for your road trip? Get in touch with our Subaru Dealership and test drive your adventure car today.