Why Buy A Subaru WRX?

Why Buy A Subaru WRX?
February 28, 2020 City Subaru
Subaru wrx

A car now designed for the drivers who love a great fun ride, the Subaru WRX remains one of the top sports cars on the market. While the Subaru WRX is an exciting ride, it still upholds its reputation as being practical enough to take on the needs of a driver and the needs of passengers. Let’s find out why you need to buy a Subaru WRX and how it is going to be a good choice for you.

Are Subaru WRX good cars?

Subaru WRX raises the bar on car performance and engine power with its engine design, the Boxer engine, and the famous combination of the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. It’s known to be one of the best Lineartronic® CVT transmissions on the road, which improves the overall driving experience that levels with other top-performing cars. 

How much horsepower can you get out of a Subaru WRX?

The Subaru WRX has exceeded performance expectation that truly is an out of the box experience. The latest version (the 2015+ model) currently produces at least 268 horsepower. 

Is a Subaru WRX reliable?

The WRX has been built and designed for an enthusiastic driver. It’s got the manual standard transmission, and the optional CVT with at least eight predetermined ratios, that the driver controls via steering-wheel paddles. 

Engine power is abundant, handling is smooth, and the WRX is very capable on any track. The higher-performance WRX has a different transmission, a more powerful 310-hp engine, and suspension. 

Furthermore, what makes the Subaru reliable is its EyeSight safety system. This comes in handy with an automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning. The EyeSight safety system is Subaru’s capable safety technology that gives the vehicle a set of eyes to detect potential collisions and threats nearby.

Why is the WRX better than the STI?

The STI offers a few interior upgrades over the WRX, so they pretty much have almost the same interior quality when put side by side. Some people prefer a more comfortable trim over the STI’s Recaro seats, so be sure to check both versions before choosing a car. All WRX and STI models except come with heated front seats. 

The Subaru WRX received a Top Safety Pick+ designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). As for the design of its technology, the base Subaru WRX trim includes a 6.5-inch touchscreen tech interface. This one supports both the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It’s been created to bring both navigation and streaming music and videos while you’re on the road. The WRX Premium and Limited trims have the same capabilities. The STI’s 7.0-inch interface with onboard GPS navigation is a standard on STI Limited trims. 

The Subaru WRX has been known to have excellent performance even at a great price. The WRX has proven itself for how sporty it can be. It’s been brought out onto racetracks and rally roads for almost two decades and has been highly praised for its residual value. Sporty and yet, fuel-efficient. 

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