What Should You Do With Your Aging Car? Subaru Dealers Advice

What Should You Do With Your Aging Car? Subaru Dealers Advice
January 21, 2019 City Subaru
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As your local Subaru dealers, Perth City Subaru has a wide selection of new, demo and used cars available for sale. This makes it easy to get access to the latest technology and safety features without paying a new car premium. However, one of the questions that we get asked most is “What should I do with my aging car?” and we will answer that here.

The Deterioration of Your Car

If you take your trusty older car in for a vital repair and the mechanic offers a quote that is more than your car is worth it can be a shock. Eventually, every car turns into scrap metal, and it takes a great deal of time, effort and money to keep an older, classic car on the road. Many of us simply don’t have those resources, and unless you own a particularly rare or valuable car, it isn’t worth it anyway. A car that’s been well looked after will often run reliably for longer, but sooner or later it will be uneconomical to repair. At this point, some drivers will need to visit new or used car dealers to secure a new vehicle to keep them on the road. Here are some of the things that you should consider before you retire your old car.

What is the Car Worth?

If your car is aging and still running reasonably well, it’s worth figuring out its sales value if you sold it privately. There are plenty of resources available for this online, but be honest when inputting your data to ensure that you get an accurate figure. It’s also worth checking a few different sites to make sure that the value looks correct on different platforms. Take a look at the classified ads for your car and check it against redbook.com.au to get an accurate valuation. Another good option is to approach an insurer and ask for a fair market valuation for your car. If your car has any aging components, bodywork issues or electrical problems, it could be worth less than the market value.

How Much Would You Have to Spend?

If you want to sell your old car, it’s important to think about how much you may have to spend to make it sellable. Perhaps the car has a couple of minor problems, and a good clean inside and out will be enough to get the car sold. If there is more extensive work that needs to be done, it could end up costing more than you will receive from the prospective sale.

Trading the Car In

If the cost of making the car salable are too high only two choices remain; keep the car running until it dies completely and scrap it, or trade it in for a newer car. Trading your car in may not get you the full value, but it’s a useful way to shave down the price of a newer car without spending any time or money. A newer car may cost more to buy and insure, but it will be more reliable, and it may be more fuel efficient.

If they are looking for reputable Subaru used car dealers, Perth based drivers should contact Perth City Subaru and ask about our latest hot deals.

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