Waxing Your New Subaru BRZ

Waxing Your New Subaru BRZ
October 4, 2017 City Subaru

Waxing Your New Subaru BRZ

When you decide to buy, Subaru BRZ cars they represent a significant investment. It makes good sense to take care of your BRZ with regular scheduled servicing and cleaning. One of the most important aspects of cleaning a car is waxing and polishing. This will help to maintain the car paint, avoid fading and ensure that it lasts for years. This is a relatively easy job, but there are a few things to know before you do it for the first time.

subaru brz, Waxing Your New Subaru BRZ

Wash the Car First

The BRZ must be washed correctly before you apply and wax. Use a good quality dedicated car wash detergent, a wash and wax product is fine even if you wax afterward. Use a two bucket system, one bucket for the soap and the other just for rinsing water. This will ensure that you don’t rinse your car with the dirt and debris you worked so hard to remove. Rinsing with dirty water filled with debris also increases the chances of scratching the paperwork.

Choose the Correct Gear

Get some microfiber towels and wax applicators to apply car wax and some good car sponges for polishing later. Using the wrong kind of products, such as old towels, terry cloths, and dusters increase the chance of making a scratch. If you like, an orbital or rotary polisher with a fitted buffing pad can be used to speed up the process. However, most wax polishing products can be applied easily by hand.

The Types of Wax Polishing Products

A newer car only needs a single step process like a cleaner wax to clean the paint. Older cars have a cutter, hence the term “a cut and polish” to detail their car by smoothing out any imperfections. This is very old school, and newer car paint jobs don’t need to be cut. If you want a deeper shine, use a glaze to get deep pool reflection finish. Older cars will benefit from using a synthetic or Carnauba wax for achieving an extra deep shine and additional protection.

Use a Clay Bar

A clay bar rub can be used before the polishing to remove any debris from the paint surface. This could be substances, such as tree sap, paint overspray, ingrained dirt and embedded grains of metal. These substances, can cause damage during the polishing and make it less effective.

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