Top Tips for Checking Out Used Cars for Sale

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When considering used cars for sale, Perth drivers are often a little overwhelmed. Unless you are particularly mechanically minded, the prospect of checking out second hand cars can be daunting. Most people are considering used cars because they cost significantly less than new models. If you have a particularly restricted budget, you may be unable or unwilling to pay a mechanic to inspect a vehicle. However, there are a number of things that even a mechanical novice can check on any used vehicle.

Be Realistic:

Even though you may need a new car urgently, it is important to take your time and relax when vehicle shopping. While it is necessary to properly inspect the vehicle, don’t become overly concerned with every tiny flaw. When looking at second hand cars for sale, Perth consumers should expect to see the odd mark on the bodywork, especially on older vehicles. The state of the vehicle should reflect its age. It is unrealistic to expect perfect bodywork on a vehicle which is nine or ten years old. However, if the seller is asking for a premium price, it should be reflected in the condition of the vehicle.

Check the Maintenance Records:

It is important that you check the vehicle maintenance records for any used cars for sale. Perth buyers should check the service history of the vehicle. If you are considering Subaru used cars for sale, Perth buyers would be advised to consider vehicles which have been serviced by a Subaru service centre. Subaru vehicles feature all wheel drive systems which require proper maintenance and repair to ensure optimum performance. Be wary of vehicles with a patchy record of servicing and maintenance as this may mean that the vehicle has not been properly cared for by previous owners.

Take a Test Drive:

Even if you are not a mechanic, a test drive should highlight a number of potential issues. When you take the test drive, ensure that the radio or sound system is not turned on to allow you to hear the engine and any vehicle noises. Pay attention to the steering and control, especially during sharp turns, listen for unusual noises including grinding or scraping noises. If you don’t feel happy with the way the vehicle performs, walk away and look for another vehicle.

Compare the Price:

Although everyone loves a bargain, a vehicle which is priced too low can raise a warning flag. It is worth comparing the prices or checking the Red Book value of the make and model, to ensure that the vehicle is priced correctly. If the vehicle is priced too high or too low, pay close attention to determine the reason for this.

If you are considering used cars for sale, Perth consumers should contact us. We have a wide range of new and used vehicles at our showroom. Our sales team would be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. They would be delighted to assist you in finding the right vehicle to suit your budget and requirements.

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