Understanding Which Lights to Use When Driving the New Subaru BRZ

Understanding Which Lights to Use When Driving the New Subaru BRZ
April 27, 2018 City Subaru
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Understanding Which Lights to Use When Driving the New Subaru BRZ

The new Subaru BRZ is a poised and responsive car for drivers in all road conditions. It has a full complement of lighting options to help you in any type of low light driving. However, like most cars, it can be easy to use the wrong lights for your circumstances. This can be dangerous for yourself and other road users in certain circumstances. Using the wrong lights can also get you in trouble with the law and result in a hefty fine. In this article, we will look at your driving light options and examine how to use them correctly.

new Subaru BRZ, Understanding Which Lights to Use When Driving the New Subaru BRZ

The Evolution in Car Lighting Options:

We’ve all seen, in recent years, a quantum leap in lighting options for all sorts of vehicles. The once exotic LED lamp has become almost commonplace as well daytime running lights and lighting bars. Some cars are lit up like Christmas trees, and this can incur serious penalties for misuse.

Driving with Fog Lamps:

A front mounted fog lamp is the light mounted under the headlights, and it’s used to create a narrow beam the shine underneath road surface mist. This is ideal for illuminating the road in terrible weather conditions, such as fog, heavy rain, snow and even dust storms. The rear fog lights are purely used to make your vehicle easier to spot by following vehicles in these same conditions. Fog lamps are very bright for good reasons, but they can easily dazzle drivers if they are used in normal driving conditions and are improperly aligned. This is a traffic offense; every fog lamp has a dash indicator, and ignorance will not be accepted as a defense.


Using Driving Lights:

Driving lights should be used to illuminate a road beyond the capabilities of your standard headlights. This is useful on country roads to spot animals at a greater distance and take appropriate action. They can easily blind other drivers, and it’s an offense to use them under 200m away from another vehicle. If another car appears the driver should immediately switch their lights from high beam to low beam.

LED Light Bars (LLBs):

This is a relatively recent style of driving light found on strips above the cab or on the front of SUVs. These are treated as high beam driving lights; single strips were made illegal because of the need to mount headlights in pairs. This has been recently rescinded, and a single LLB can be installed, but some rules must be followed, such as it must be front facing, there can only be four LLBs maximum, it must be wired into the high beams, and it has to be fitted symmetrically. Each state varies a great deal surrounding the use of LLBs so take care and get advice from your local Police station before installing LED light bars.

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