The Subaru XV’s Interior is clever, gorgeous, and incredible quality. Come see!

The Subaru XV’s Interior is clever, gorgeous, and incredible quality. Come see!
October 7, 2020 City Subaru
Subaru xv interior

Sometimes you know the car’s right from that first moment you settle in behind the wheel. The moment you grasp the steering wheel and choose the perfect song for your mood. The Subaru XV’s interior has a lot going for it. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but its sporty flair pays homage to its unique build and diverse driving capability. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect.

Room to dance

Typically, crossovers struggle when it comes to finding enough room in the cabin. What with balancing agility on the road, and making the boot space practicable for long drives, there’s usually evidence of missing space, especially in the driver’s seat. But opening the front door reveals a very different story. There’s room to move. And tons of it too. It doesn’t feel like it has come at the expense of anything else either. It’s an effortlessly perfect cabin. You’ll know this because getting comfy isn’t something you have to do. You feel at home instantly, that’s the way it should be. 

Everything where it should be

Keeping things balanced is crucial in a crossover. As soon as one thing is out of whack, it throws the whole design out. And that’s how the VX sets itself apart – it’s got the perfect proportions. Also noticeable from the start is how comfortable the steering wheel is. With enormous effort going into lifting the XV’s interior design, the steering wheel sits at just the right height for an engaging and comfy ride. Much effort has been put in to lift the buttons and switches. Higher quality plastics and intelligent placement of dials all work together like a symphony. With Japanese attention to detail that is simply unparalleled, you’re not left confused about what does what. There’s no surprises or hiccups. It just works. 

Fast, sensible tech

It’s not just the dials and switches that are neatly arranged. The 8-inch centrepiece infotainment screen has large icons for safer, easier use, and a highly responsive display unit that feels both up to date and straightforward. You’re not leaning over to reach it because of its strategic placement just above the central console. The top secondary digital display conveys useful and relevant information about the outside temperature, time, and performance of the vehicle. Controlling temperature and windows is straightforward no matter where you’re seated. 

Ride height and visibility 

We all know what it’s like to drive with a boot packed to the sky and next to no visibility – it’s not fun. From the moment you slip into the Subaru XV you realise how the proportions of the car have been tampered with to make for the ultimate vantage point. With generous sight-lines and excellent height, you feel in control all the time.

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Seats, leather, and the finer things

On higher trims such as the Limited and the Hybrid, there’s a leather steering wheel, leather accented seats. It’s a plush finish, but doesn’t take away from its unique rugged feel. Then again, getting dust on the seats is a rite of passage for the Outback. The front seats are also contoured in a way that brings out stylish fun and a hint of class. Upgrade your ride with 8-way power seats adding yet another level of comfort. Topping it off: a power, tilt adjustable sunroof for the ultimate immersion in nature and sunlight. 

Phones, music, and connectivity 

The Subaru is all about connectivity. Plug in your mobile device and play your favourite song through the USB jack, AUX, or mobile Bluetooth connection. With full Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, your device and the XV now speak the very same language. Adding to the safety and usability is a smart voice recognition control, making communication and commands simple. This makes instant connectivity easier – no more waiting to connect or shuffling through manually to find the right song, it’s all ready to go from the moment you turn your car on. Long drives are seamless and full of entertainment in the XV. 

Test a Subaru XV today

If you can see yourself at the wheel, why not treat yourself to a test drive? There’s no better way to really test this car’s metal than to have it all to yourself for a few minutes. Take the time to examine the interior, get to know what’s what. Some alone time with the car can be very illuminating. Find a flat stretch and step on the gas, take it to the shops and do a lap of the car park. There’s nothing to lose but time spent driving your old car. Taste the new and bold here at Perth City Subaru. We are here for any questions and are standing by with our test model XV.

Note: The Subaru XV model is marketed as the Subaru Crosstrek. This change in name was made to align with Subaru’s global naming strategy. Therefore, when referring to the Subaru XV in the context in the market, it is synonymous with the Subaru Crosstrek. Rest assured, any information or references pertaining to the Subaru XV can be considered applicable to the Subaru Crosstrek.

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