The New Subaru Levorg Spotted in Australia

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The all new 2016 Subaru Levorg has been spotted in Australia by a sharp eyed car enthusiast. The car was travelling on the New South Wales section of the Hume Highway. This made news on the CarAdvice website, and it is probable that this was part of a final evaluation of the highly anticipated model. This follows on from other exciting pre-release news. So what can we expect to see in the latter half of this year when the Levorg hits Subaru car dealers? Perth residents may keen to know all the juicy gossip.

Is There an Exact Release Date Yet?

Unfortunately not at this time. The release date is still stated by Subaru as a mid 2016. Subaru is understandably keen to bring the Levorg to market as there has been intense interest surrounding the vehicle and its probable release date. Sadly, it remains to be seen whether this production Levorg driving on an Australia highway is any indicator that the date could be in the first quarter of 2016. However, the Levorg went on sale in Japan very quickly after being revealed as a concept car and also in the UK shortly after, so Subaru could still surprise us.


What Gap in the Market Will the Levorg Fill?

The Subaru Levorg is based on the chassis of the Impreza, and it is designated as a small wagon. This would make the Levorg a perfect replacement for the outgoing Liberty wagon. If they have visited Perth car dealers or read the motoring press, Australian drivers may be aware of the upward sales of SUVs. Because of this increase, the sales of wagon type vehicles has shrunk considerably in recent years. The Subaru Levorg is a bold statement of intent by Subaru that they see a need and a market for the Levorg. In fact speaking about the Levorg in July 2015, the Australian Subaru managing director Nick Senior stated that “it will appeal to those fourth generation Liberty GT buyers who have been starved of a logical successor” he also went on to say that Subaru believes the Levorg will “attract a much wider audience”. This is anticipated due to “its performance, versatility, refinement and high level of standard equipment”.

What Type of Experience Can be Expected?

The Subaru Levorg has enjoyed massive success since its introduction in Japan in 2013. It has quite a European design for a Japanese car and a high level of equipment as standard. Despite being slightly larger externally than the outgoing Liberty the Levorg has an additional 50 litres of luggage space with 486 litres in total. It wins on the practicality front with numerous cubby holes, grocery hooks, net pockets and split folding seats. The Levorg is no slouch on the road with the same 2.0L turbocharged boxer engine that is fitted to the WRX, making it fun to drive and practical for the family.

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