Subaru Unveil a Stunning Impreza Concept Car and We Want One Now

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The Subaru Impreza Australia-based drivers have taken to their hearts will have a radical upgrade in the future. The Tokyo Motor Show has just finished, and Subaru wowed the crowds with their VIZIZ Future Concept Car. The name VIZIZ is a term for the Subaru concept “Vision for Innovation”. Subaru has finally revealed what many industry insiders already suspected; the VIZIZ is the new future Impreza. So which key elements are the most exciting and how will this affect all future Subaru car development?

Bold New Styling

Although beauty is skin deep it’s hard not to be impressed by the bold, fresh styling on the new Impreza. The various elements are combined together to create a classy impression, but it isn’t all purely visual titillation. The Impreza concept has excellent aerodynamic performance that hints at the direction that Subaru may take across the entire range. The Impreza concept has a low sporty profile that is set off by hawk eye front headlights and the familiar Subaru hexagonal front grille.


The Specifications

Underneath the exciting new exterior there is a lot to get excited about, the model was bristling with fresh technology. One of the most surprising technologies was the automatic driving functions; this is an evolution of the latest EyeSight driver assist system. Subaru promise pinpoint accuracy in establishing the exact position of the car, and the ability to avoid collisions and other road hazards. The engine is a hybrid system with a down sized turbocharged traditional powerplant married to an electrical drivetrain. Inside there is a camera for monitoring the driver located on the instrument panel that might be used for communication purposes. The Impreza concept shown also had: all wheel drive, a seating capacity for five adults, 19” alloy wheels and a tyre size of 235/40 R19. The body sized dimensions were 4,400 x 1,800 x 1,440 mm (length x width x height).

How Close is it?

A lot of concept cars sadly never see the light of day, but they can offer a glimpse into the future of a brand. The VIZIZ Future Concept is different as it is the new Subaru Impreza. Although it may seem like a science fiction vehicle that drives itself, this is a working vehicle. As such one has to wonder how far the new Impreza concept is away from a full production model. Many of the supporting technologies such as the latest version of the EyeSight system are already available. Subaru has made no indication of when the new Impreza will be available, but the sooner, the better.

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