Subaru Set to Impress at the Tokyo Motor Show

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The Tokyo Motor Show is one of the most prestigious events in the car industry calendar. This year’s show commences on the 28th of October and Subaru are setting out to impress with a number of new innovations. When thinking about future Subaru cars for sale, Perth drivers may be interested to see what the future holds.

What is the Viziv?

The Viziv concept is an ongoing series of prospective car designs that preview models that may be made in the near future. The latest addition to this Subaru family is the Viziz Future Concept. Early sketches hint that this is an SUV vehicle in a three-door configuration. The look is muscular much like the new Subaru Levorg and the Liberty. Many industry insiders believe that the Viziz Future Concept is very close to being the new Subaru Forester. The timing would be right as an update is due and unlike many concept sketches the design looks like a viable showroom vehicle. There are no further official details at this time, but Subaru have confirmed that the vehicle would be powered using a small turbocharged petrol engine married to an electric powerplant.

Driving Automatically?

Not to be confused with driving an automatic. In fact, this is an evolution of Subaru’s EyeSight technology that will be able to drive your vehicle for you. This evolution from collision avoidance system to doing the driving for the driver seems like a natural evolution. The system uses radar sensing in all directions, GPS and maps to keep a track of the vehicle’s exact position. At the same time, the EyeSight cameras keep a close eye on the road ahead. Subaru has stated that the feature of Automatic Driving has the capability to function “at all speeds” This includes on expressways, and “automatic parking is supported at home or in commercial car parks”. This is a very exciting concept for many drivers, and it will be interesting to see the system in action. When looking at Subaru cars for sale, Perth drivers may get a very different test drive in the future.

A New Impreza?

Another pair of sketches have also been shown prior to the shown with the name Impreza 5 door concept. In this case, it seems pretty obvious what these sketches show. This new Impreza hatch is much sportier looking than the current model that has been on sale since 2012. Recently the Impreza has faced stiff competition from the revamped Ford Focus, the ever popular Mazda 3 and the venerable Toyota Corolla. Bearing this in mind it seems like an opportune time for Subaru to introduce an updated Impreza. In the ultra-competitive Australian small car sector, a new dynamic and sportier Impreza could be a very successful move for Subaru.

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