Subaru Levorg For Sale Contributes to Impressive Subaru 2016 Growth

Subaru Levorg For Sale Contributes to Impressive Subaru 2016 Growth
February 17, 2017 City Subaru

Subaru Levorg For Sale Contributes to Impressive Subaru 2016 Growth

As the 2016 sales figures have been collated, industry experts have calculated which car brands enjoyed the largest growth last year. From the reporting of the year to date figures throughout the year, it became obvious that Subaru was having a great year. However, it was still impressive that Subaru has been ranked as one of the 2016 top ten growth brands.

subaru levorg for sale, Subaru Levorg For Sale Contributes to Impressive Subaru 2016 Growth

Subaru’s Great Year:

The final Subaru sales tally for 2016 came in at 47,018 units. This was an increase of 3418, breaking the previous sales record. This represented an eight percent rate of growth, and this fantastic trend was led by sales of the new Subaru Levorg. The brand shifted 1,621 Levorg models throughout 2016. There were also strong sales figures for the Subaru SUV range, with the Forester, XV, and Outback all enjoying a sales boost. This sets the standard for Subaru to have a phenomenal 2017, as the new Impreza is now in our showrooms and the new XV models are due in the middle of the year. For this reason, Subaru is now predicted to have an annual sales total of approximately 50,000 units in 2017.

The Other Big Sellers:

Subaru is not the only one to have enjoyed a fantastic 2016. Other brands that saw impressive growth last year include Ford, who saw a 15 percent growth rate with the new Mustang leading the sales charge. The Korean brand, Kia was also one of the fastest growing brands, thanks to their seven year warranty and their new model range. The new Kia Sportage led the sales charge with figures up 44 percent to 10,924 units sold.
Budget was obviously not a primary motivation for buyers in 2016, as luxury brand Mercedes-Benz also enjoyed an impressive sales growth. The German brand is now the number one global luxury brand, easily outpacing BMW and Audi with their 13 percent sales growth to 41,226 units sold. These impressive sales figures were accomplished despite the top selling C Class suffering a fall in sales of 27 percent.
Another strong Japanese brand, Mazda, also enjoyed an impressive 2016. Mazda grew by approximately four percent in 2016, breaking their all time sales record. This was due to strong sales of the CX-3 and the new CX-9, despite sales of the Mazda3 dropping. Mazda also retained the crown for Australia’s top selling SUV, with the CX5 clocking up 24,564 units sold.

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