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Why the Subaru Forester Specifications are Part-time adventuring PERFECTED.

subaru forester sports 2021

The iconic Subaru Forester takes adventuring to the next level with an array of specifications that stun even the harshest of critics. The all-new model is a picture of versatility, completing the daily commute without complaint, and basically begging to be taken away for the weekend. How does it do it? Here’s a breakdown of the specs that matter most.

New Subaru Forester for Sale

The Subaru Forester brings SUV level comfort to its class

It’s quieter, it’s bigger, and it’s more comfortable. In fact, you’re left wondering what any other mid-size SUV could perhaps beat what you’re experiencing at the wheel of the Subaru Forester. With a handsome, rugged exterior, the Subaru Forester is built for weekend vacation driving. The interior cabin is tasteful, yet predictably practical. For a ‘compact SUV,’ the compact bit feels arbitrary when you look at how much space there is throughout the car. The front cabin has benefited from a major facelift, and it’s impressive. All passengers are hugged by comfy seats and surrounded by premium surfaces and finishings. But it’s the little things that make a big difference here, like the boot which has been designed for easy access and smooth loading and unloading. Comfort is no compromise here, and all that’s left is for you to sit back and let the car do the work.

Heading south? Turn it up in the Forester

When the Forester hits the open road, and the hours drag on, entertainment is the best way to pass the time. The Forester is equipped with all the essentials: a 4 or 6 speaker surround sound system for when the podcast gets interesting. Front and back USB ports for better connectivity and charging needs – no one misses out. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are a given, and Subaru’s StarLink technology offers a host of intelligent car to phone connectivity perks. From reading and replying to messages, choosing your favourite song, it’s all there. So buckle up. It’s time to hit the road.

What’s the engine like, and how does it handle?

Pulling out onto the freeway in a forester is like letting a lion out of a cage. Its noble 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine producing 182 horsepower is capable, trusty and economical too. With 7.4 Litres per 100km, you’re looking at fewer stops on long road trips, making it both simple and inexpensive. 

But what’s it feel like, you ask? 

With CVT transmission, there’s a definite smoothness to the ride, making it buttery yet powerful. Ducking in and out of heavy traffic is no problem, and cruising down the Albany Highway at a steady 110km per hour feels almost dreamy. 

Designed for all roads

Subaru forester specifications are designed to deal with a variety of different roads, terrain, and conditions. As far as mid-size SUVs go with versatility, the Forester practically trumps the competition and for simple reasons too. All-wheel drive capacity is one of Subaru’s hallmark features that makes their fleet unique. The Forester is no exception. This means getting up those steep hills, navigating slippery and rough gravel roads are easier than in your average mid-size SUV. Once you’ve done time on the freeway, holiday homes set up on grassy hills or steep gravel slopes are but a tease.

Adventure awaits 

Aside from the semi-rugged styling, there’s an air of superior capability that arises when the suburbs fade away and country roads begin. Arriving at a campground in a Forester somehow feels right; the car feels at home prowling around dirt tracks amongst the wooded countryside. It’s that ability to flip a coin and go somewhere slightly off the beaten track that makes the Forester so special. Thank the 8.7-inches of ground clearance and Subaru’s famous X-mode for making the path forward possible when the going gets tough.

Safety – simply uncompromising 

Throughout any trip, whether it’s time spent on open roads, or in cramped city lanes, Subaru’s EyeSight safety tech works tirelessly in the background monitoring for potential harm. And it comes standard too, so expect a swathe of reassuring lane assist, adaptive cruise control, pre collision braking; the lot. All Subaru Forester trims are endowed with a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, continuing the trend of safety excellence across its entire fleet. 

Where can I test drive?

Get to know the Subaru Forester specifications and all it has to offer in person at a test drive! If you’re not already convinced, or simply curious about what this car feels like at the wheel, arranging a test drive with City Subaru is easy and free! Familiarising yourself with the various Subaru models, knowing a bit of background on the Subaru Forester is always helpful before you jump inside. Get in touch with our team today and find out what all the fuss is about.