Subaru Forester MY15 Maintains Award Winning Streak

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Subaru Forester MY15, Subaru Forester MY15 Maintains Award Winning Streak


The Mid-sized SUV is one of the most popular categories and the increasing consumer demand is being met with many of the manufacturers launching new products. The Subaru Forester MY15 has been met with great interest and is continuing to win awards around the globe.

While the new Subaru Forester, Perth drivers can see in showrooms is obviously an improved version of previous models, the Subaru Forester MY15 has been recognized as an innovative and practical choice in a variety of awards. The model was recently awarded the Mid-sized SUV of the Year in Russia. This award was hot on the heels of the model being chosen as the “Light Off-Road” Car of the Year. The “Mid-sized SUV” is one of the most hotly contested segments and one of eight categories assessed in the Russian contest. Other categories include Full Size SUV, Compact Crossover, Subcompact Crossover, Pickup, Premium Class, Universal Terrain and the Premier of the Year.

The Mid-size SUV is one of the most competitive categories in the contest. This year there were forty four cars competing in the category. The contest was organized by Russian magazine Club 4×4, providing a professional jury and the opportunity for magazine readers to act as a Grand Jury and vote for their favorite vehicles.

There were 116 vehicles selected to compete. The magazine readers had five months to log into the website and place their vote. However, over a third of these vehicles were placed in the medium sized SUV category, making the Forester victory even more impressive.

Many experts speculate why the Subaru Forester MY15 has proven very popular around the globe. Many acknowledge that the Forester engineers have developed an impressive performing vehicle. However, it is believed that there are four factors why the model has proven especially popular in Russia. The primary reason is that the Forester is both practical and functional without compromising on comfort. This means that regardless of your driving style, passengers can relax on even long journeys. The Forester also has all the equipment needed to make driving possible on and off road.

This pedigree allows the Forester to showcase the Subaru theme of getting more done and having more fun. The Forester provides the perfect balance of practicality and performance while retaining an attractive and fun aesthetic. The combination of Boxer engine and Subaru Symmetrical All Wheel Drive ensures that the Forester has optimum balance, control and grip, regardless of the road conditions. The model is also packed with safety features and innovative technologies with a spacious interior. All of these attributes have proven to be popular around the globe and especially here, as the model has been awarded seven Best Car Australian awards.

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