Subaru Car Dealers Perth News: The Viziv Adrenaline Concept Unveiled

Subaru Car Dealers Perth News: The Viziv Adrenaline Concept Unveiled
July 30, 2019 City Subaru
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A visit to Subaru car dealerships in Perth will provide ample evidence that Subaru is a forward thinking car manufacturer. Subaru is well regarded in the car industry for their sure footed designs, performance characteristics and a superb safety record. As such it’s always a pleasure to report on the latest concept or new car release. The latest Subaru Viziv Adrenaline Concept car has recently been revealed. Let’s take a look at it in more detail to see what it has to offer.

A Rugged Next Generation XV?

The new Viziv Adrenaline concept certainly looks like a Subaru XV on steroids. Subaru has described the philosophy of this design as “Bolder,” and this may be understating things for most people. The concept is undoubtedly rugged and powerful looking with flared wheel arches, swept back headlight clusters and a front end that looks like it’s in motion before you even start the engine.

The Geneva Motor Show Reveal

The Subaru Viziv Adrenaline concept was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show recently. It’s an SUV styled crossover hatchback, and it’s the first concept to use the aforementioned “Bolder” design philosophy. This design philosophy is the most recent incarnation of the “Dynamic X Solid” design theme that first surfaced back in 2014. The central idea is to emphasize key features, further define the brand’s outlook and create the most enjoyment for passengers. 

The Subaru Viziv Adrenaline Concept

Much like the current Subaru XV, this Viziv Adrenaline concept has a heightened ride, wheel arch extensions and set of contrasting black bumpers. There is a circular light signature on the fog lights will a dotted design and a skid plate insert on the front and rear bumpers. The headlights and taillights feature a new slimmer LED signature design which terminates in a claw shape at the rear.

Those wide wheel arches are filled with fresh alloy wheels that are shod with Bridgestone all terrain tyres. At a glance, these look like 18″ alloys, but the actual dimensions are not shown anywhere in the official literature that we could find. The conventional side mirrors have been replaced with cameras which seems to be a popular feature on many recent concept cars show recently. The silver roof element extends out from the rear of the roof to create an aesthetically pleasing flared spoiler about the tailgate.

The Press Release

The Subaru press release for the Viziv Adrenaline concept encourages the driver to “drive freely in mother nature” so we can expect the signature Subaru all wheel drive system. Subaru also stated that “Subaru will continue to evolve its distinctiveness of developing and designing vehicles that deliver the brand’s core value, enjoyment, and peace of mind.” There is no guarantee that this concept will ever see a general release, but it’s an interesting look into the direction that Subaru is taking in the near future.

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