Sell Your Car Privately or to Used Car Dealers? Perth Driver Facts You Need to Know

Sell Your Car Privately or to Used Car Dealers? Perth Driver Facts You Need to Know
March 24, 2017 City Subaru

Sell Your Car Privately or to Used Car Dealers? Perth Driver Facts You Need to Know

Most drivers, enjoy the feeling of driving and owning a car that is new to them. As long as your existing car isn’t a right off or heading for the scrappers, it will need to be sold first. The two options available are selling your car privately or to a dealer. Each of these options has pros and cons, let’s take a closer look and hopefully help you to make an informed decision.
used car dealers perth, Sell Your Car Privately or to Used Car Dealers? Perth Driver Facts You Need to Know

A Private Sale:

If you choose to go down this route, you can expect to have more work to do, but you should get a little more money for your car. There will be a time and energy investment at the very least, but there may also be some purchases that need to be made. The car will have to be thoroughly cleaned and valeted to entice potential buyers. It may be necessary to address any little jobs that need doing, such as: replacing worn bulbs, buffing out scratches, etc.
Obviously, the car should be roadworthy as the buyer will want to use it immediately in most cases. Deciding on the price can be done by checking online guides and deciding what your sticker price is going to be. Always have the lowest price that you’re willing to take in mind before you engage in any negotiations.

There are numerous places to advertise your car, but always ensure that any enquiries are addressed quickly. Try and be flexible concerning test drive and inspections, you will get your share of tyre kickers, but genuine buyers are out there.

Selling to a Dealer:

This is considered to be an easy hassle free option, but the convenience will cost you financially. Aside from this, there is no real downside to selling to a dealer or using your car in part exchange. However, there are a couple of ways to make the most out of the situation. Firstly, try and take your car to a dealer that deals in that make or type of vehicle, as an example: a ute may be easier to sell in an agricultural town car dealership. Secondly, a trade in will be worth far more in overall value to you that selling to a dealership. There are some very decent deals to be had, especially if you can sweeten the deal by using some finance to get your new car.

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