Overcoming Driving Anxiety in Your Subaru BRZ

Overcoming Driving Anxiety in Your Subaru BRZ
October 1, 2018 City Subaru

The Subaru BRZ is an excellent drivers car with blistering performance that is a great deal of fun to get on the road. However, for a variety of reasons many drivers can develop driving anxiety that can affect how they drive and impair their enjoyment. This can occur quickly after an accident or near miss that can shake the driver up. Sometimes driving anxiety can build up slowly over time turning a routine commute into a nerve wracking ordeal. In this article, we will take a closer look at driving anxiety and some strategies that you can use to deal with it.

Understanding the Root Cause

Before any attempts are made to deal with driving anxiety, it’s a good idea to understand the root cause. Some people are nervous about driving through tunnels and others may be worried about breaking down on a bridge. A feeling of being trapped can cause some people to suffer a panic attack, and the fear of this could be more frightening than driving. Some people have concerns about driving and being involved in an accident. It’s a good idea to take some time to try and pin down the root cause of your driving anxiety. Some drivers may find this simple, but others may need professional help to understand why they feel anxious behind the wheel.

Subaru brz, Overcoming Driving Anxiety in Your Subaru BRZ

Strategies to Cope with Driving Anxiety

The best way to deal with driving anxiety is to build up confidence gradually in situations that are less stressful. Over time, confidence will return, and you can increase the difficulty until you can handle any type of driving experience. Some drivers may want to start with some driving lessons to brush up on key skills and build confidence with a trained instructor providing advice. The person travelling with you should be a calming influence and good at helping anxious drivers. Other people find that this adds extra pressure and it’s important to feel comfortable as you work through your driving anxiety issues. If a helpful passenger or driving instructor is too distracting for you, then working through the anxiety on your own is a more viable strategy.

Some drivers experience anxiety when they encounter specific situations on the road. Perhaps merging, driving at higher speeds on the highway or hook turns, cause them to become nervous. In these cases, once you have identified the specific trigger, you can start to work on becoming more confident. Take the car out at quiet times to practice your driving when there are few or no other cars on the road. There is no rush, do this as often as you need to and build up your confidence gradually. Over time, you may set off at different times to try out your driving when it’s busier and slightly more challenging.

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