Could the New Subaru Liberty 3.6R be the Next tS Model?

Could the New Subaru Liberty 3.6R be the Next tS Model?
December 7, 2016 City Subaru

Car industry insiders are buzzing with the rumours that the new Subaru Liberty 2.6R could be tweaked by STI and be a tS special edition model. The Subaru Liberty 2016 has been a strong seller for Subaru in Australia, gaining a loyal customer base. It is not that long ago that its stablemate the Subaru Forester got some similar attention with jaw dropping results. Here are all the best rumours that we’ve heard so far and some logical conclusions that could be applicable.

subaru liberty, Could the New Subaru Liberty 3.6R be the Next tS Model?

The tS Badge:

Many people may not know that a tS badge means that the car is a limited edition performance variant. Not every model has the charisma and inherent sportiness to pull off the tS badge. This is also because any tS enhanced model needs to able as a platform to support a host of upgrades. As an example, the Forester XT had changes, such as improved suspension, enhanced braking, engine tuning, STI styling and an STI cabin upgrade. All this has to be achieved while maintaining the charm of the original vehicle, and this can be a delicate balancing act.

The Subaru Liberty:

Those Subaru petrolheads with a good memory may recall that this would not be the first time that this has happened. In fact, back in the early 2000’s the Liberty GT was a model that had been tuned by STI with stunning results. When this car was withdrawn it was hoped that it would be replaced with an upgraded model, but sadly that never materialised. A full tS performance upgrade would go much further than this earlier incarnation. Although this would probably only be available as a limited edition, it would be a welcome addition to the Subaru stable.

How Solid is this Rumour?

The origins of this rumour come straight from the top at Subaru Australia. At the launch of the new Impreza in Japan, car journalists were told by Nick Senior the managing director of Subaru Australia that the Liberty would have a tS model. In part, this decision was based on the success of the Forester tS and also the previous popularity of the Liberty GT. In fact, the last 50 limited edition Forester tS models have only just landed in Australia. It would appear that in the near future there will be a performance SUV gap in the Subaru lineup. There are already sporty variants for the Forester, Levorg, and the Liberty so it would make sense that tS enhanced cars will remain as limited edition models.

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