The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback Accessories

The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback Accessories
June 23, 2021 City Subaru
Subaru Outback Accessories

Owning a Subaru Outback is a bit like owning a portable holiday machine. You’ve got the perfect package of off-road clearance, the right engine, and yes, the all-wheel-drive, to deliver you to some of WA’s most superb and untouched destinations. 

The question is, do you have the right Subaru Outback accessories in tow to make your journey unforgettable?

Here are the best Subaru Outback accessories you simply must-have. Yes – must. 

Let’s start with the basics.


Cross bars:

Subaru Outback Accessories, The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback Accessories

You can’t get away with no cross bars. From slapping your surfboard on the roof, to carting your fishing rods around, to transporting that old cupboard to your mate’s house – cross bars are the bread and butter of all useful Outbacks. Don’t forget that genuine Subaru cross bars are also compatible with all your extra bling, like rooftop bike carriers and more. 



Roof box:

Subaru Outback Accessories, The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback Accessories

Roof boxes a.k.a cargo boxes are an essential part of any long journey or adventure. Not only do they make your Outback look the part, but they also give you an extra…wait for it…500 litres. 

Yeah, you read that right. 




That’s basically doubling your existing boot space. What’s more, roof boxes help you:

  • Store those items that you really don’t want inside the car – like fishing gear or dog food. 
  • Protect the roof of your car from potentially damaging weather.
  • Maximise on space – making the ride more spacious and comfortable. 
  • Go further than you thought you’d go on your road trip. 

Get your hands on a Genuine Thule roof box and make your holiday spacious, comfortable knowing you’ve got everything you need stored safely on your roof!

Tow bar :

Subaru Outback Accessories, The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback AccessoriesArguably one of the most useful Subaru Outback accessories you can get, tow bars come in handy when you least expect. Whether it’s an ad hoc trip to the tip or you want to transport a bunch of gear – this addition can open up a world of possibilities. Make sure you get a genuine Subaru tow bar – they’re engineered to be 100% compatible with your model and won’t cause any electrical troubles, or worse.



Weather shields :

Subaru Outback Accessories, The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback Accessories

It’s not just the sleek look that should entice you, it’s the dreamy sunlight that streams in while keeping wind and rain away from your open window as you hurtle down the freeway on your next escape. 


Yep, they don’t just add that sleek style – they’re also going to keep the inside of your car nice and protected on sunny days. 



Pick your sport :

Going on holiday is fun. But doing your favourite sports and activities while on vacation can make for a truly unforgettable experience. Naturally, getting the right Subaru Outback accessories under your belt before you head off will enable the fun and games to continue. 

Here’s what to get.

Bike carrier :

Subaru Outback Accessories, The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback AccessoriesWhether it’s the rooftop carrier, or the classic tow rack, being able to take bikes along on the family holiday opens up a world of opportunities at your destination. Keep your bikes safe and secure with the Genuine Thule 3 Bike carrier or opt for the upright rooftop bike carrier for easy loading.




Kayak carrier:

Subaru Outback Accessories, The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback AccessoriesPicture this: you’re gliding down Moore River or dropping a line in the Murchison as the sun sets – this is the dream. Having easy access to your own kayak not only cuts out the middle-man, but also allows you to do some real off-the-charts exploring.



Don’t forget these subaru outback camping accessories:

Mud, rocks, sand, and most likely a good coating of dust and salt. That’s what you should be prepared for, and your car should be too. 

Here are three camping must haves.

Wheel step:

Subaru Outback Accessories, The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback AccessoriesFor those camping on the roof – or storing luggage in a roof box – having this little step gives you a world of convenience and will probably save you from a frozen shoulder, or cursing as you haul your gear down from the roof. With an easy fold mechanism, this lifesaver can easily be activated when it comes to loading and unloading.



Mud guards :

Subaru Outback Accessories, The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback Accessories

Don’t underestimate the mud. It’s out there, and unless you’re a fan of the muddy car look then you’ll want to install some of these before you venture anywhere beyond the freeway. Mud guards won’t just protect against your car looking like it’s been in a war – they’ll also help preserve your precious Subaru resale value. If you’re planning on taking your Outback anywhere remotely off the beaten track (which you absolutely should, by the way) consider adding mud guards before you get too dirty. 



Is your Outback a family car? Here’s what you need:

It’s hard enough to control the racket in the back seat, let alone making sure food doesn’t end up all over your interior. 

Here are two ways to stay clean.

Rear seat pet protector:

Subaru Outback Accessories, The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback AccessoriesProtect your investment – keep the back seat of your Subaru Outback clean and damage-free from your pets. It’s much easier to let your favourite furry friend have fun at the beach if you know they’re not going make a mess of your rear seat when you get back to your Subaru!


Rubber floor mat:

Subaru Outback Accessories, The MUST HAVE Subaru Outback AccessoriesKeep your Outback’s floors clean and protected with some genuine Subaru floor mats. These won’t just be the perfect fit (woohoo), they’ll also do the best job in keeping your car clean and tidy. If you’re not sure about this one, just think about the resale value going down by $10 every time your kids put their muddy boots on that innocent car floor.





Accessorise your Outback today :

Is it time for your Subaru Outback to have a facelift? If so, join the party at the City Subaru parts shop. We’ve got all the above necessities in stock, plus plenty more genuine Subaru accessories for your next road trip. Make your next getaway as adventurous as possible – visit the online store or drop in, and we’ll get your Outback equipped for the future.


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