Look After Your Subaru Liberty Battery and Save Money

Look After Your Subaru Liberty Battery and Save Money
December 1, 2018 City Subaru

The Subaru Liberty comes equipped with a large number of high quality components, and this includes the battery. However, a battery works hard, and it has a finite lifespan. When you’re in a rush the very last thing that you want to happen is to turn your key or press the starter and then nothing happens. This will lead to a frantic search for a passerby to jump start the car, a call to roadside assistance and a possible battery replacement. There are ways that you can keep your car battery in good condition and a battery that lasts longer will keep money in your pocket.

Keeping Your Car Battery Healthy

There are different types of car batteries available, but on average they will last from between two to six years. The two most common types of car batteries are lead acid and absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries. The health of a car battery is dependent on three main factors, they are:

  1. How much the car battery is used.
  2. How long the car battery is used.
  3. The heat generated in the car battery.

As you can see, the amount of time that a car battery can last can vary a great deal. Getting your car battery to last for as long as possible is possible with a little work.

Lead Acid Car Batteries

This is also known as a “wet cell” or a “flooded” car battery, and it’s the one that most drivers will be familiar with. This battery consists of a lead plate electrode that is suspended in a sulfur electrolyte fluid. It’s used to power the crank cycle to initiate an ignition, and it’s the most affordable type of car battery currently available.

The longevity or health of this type of car battery can be negatively impacted if you only take shorter and more infrequent journeys. This is because the battery naturally discharges over a period of time and it will be discharged further by the ignition and other systems such as air conditioning. If the car journey is 20 minutes or less, the car battery will not have enough time to fully recharge itself. The could lead to a permanent reduction in the car battery capacity and an increase in the chance that it could become completely dead when it’s next turned on.

If this way of driving matches your own, your car battery could do with some extra help to stay healthy. A battery charger is inexpensive, and it can be used to top up the battery from time to time. This will prevent the battery from becoming deeply discharged to the point where it could be damaged.

A Note on Heat

Heat is the primary threat to both regular lead acid and AGM car batteries alike. The evaporation and distortion caused by heat in the battery can cause permanent damage. It’s no coincidence that the hottest parts of the world are the most prone to battery failure. Wherever possible, park your car under cover to keep your car cooler.

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