Local Garage vs Service Centre: Which is Better for Car Servicing?

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Getting your car serviced regularly can be an inconvenience for most people. However, car servicing is a vital part of car ownership and if ignored it can allow small problems to become much larger and, therefore, more expensive to fix. In extreme cases neglecting your car servicing could even aggravate an issue and ultimately cause a problem so bad that it may even be impossible or not cost effective to fix. Of course, some smaller jobs such as topping up your fluid levels can be carried out at home. However, in these days of increasingly complex computer based engine management systems it takes a professional to get a full picture on the state of health of your car. So where should you take your car to be serviced, your local garage or a service centre? Most experts recommend using a Subaru service centre, Perth drivers should read on to find out why.

Specific Technical Expertise

Many local garages have excellent mechanics that can work on a wide variety of car models. Some garages specialise in a particular make or have a particular niche that they fulfill such as working on classic cars. However, if you have a Subaru vehicle then choosing a service center would be a better option. All Subaru technicians are trained at the Subaru factory to work on Subaru vehicles. This level of intimate familiarity is unheard of at the local garage. Your Subaru vehicle represents a significant financial investment so it makes sense to have the most qualified people working on it.

Genuine Parts

During the course of a Subaru car service, Perth drivers may find that they need to have a part replaced. At a local garage, this can cause a problem as the sheer amount of models that they deal with means that it is unlikely that they would have a genuine Subaru part on hand. This could lead to a couple of outcomes. Firstly, they may have to request the genuine part which will delay the rectification of the problem until the part is delivered. This means that your vehicle may be off the road for a longer period of time. Secondly, the garage may fit a generic part in order to get the job completed quickly. In some cases, a generic part will do the job adequately, but a genuine part is far better in most cases. When you receive a Subaru car service, Australia based customers can rest assured that only genuine Subaru parts that are designed for your vehicle are used.

Warranties and Pricing

Of course, if your Subaru vehicle is still under warranty any repairs that are required may be covered. A brand new vehicle may also have a limited free servicing period that you can take advantage of. Once the vehicle is out of warranty you can rest easy when choosing Subaru car servicing, Australia customers should note that Subaru has fixed pricing for all work that is carried out. However, the servicing pricing can vary a little between Subaru dealerships so it’s a good idea to check the pricing ahead of time.

If they would like to have their car serviced at a Subaru service centre, Perth drivers should contact us. Our professionally trained technicians can carry out all your servicing needs. If you would like to know more we will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

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