Some Legal Parking Considerations for Subaru Levorg Drivers

Some Legal Parking Considerations for Subaru Levorg Drivers
April 21, 2017 City Subaru

Some Legal Parking Considerations for Subaru Levorg Drivers

Many people have stories about infuriating parking issues that have affected them personally. We cannot park cars for other drivers to improve the situation, but we can be more careful in how we park our own cars. By taking some additional care, we may be able to avoid some legal issues and make our lives a little easier.

subaru levorg, Some Legal Parking Considerations for Subaru Levorg Drivers

Some General Considerations:

The rules on residential parking and regulations that are specific to driveways are in place all across Australia. It may be the case that a car that is parked across your driveway cannot be removed for seven days. Many people have become frustrated as their local council and police seem unwilling to assume responsibility for the situation. As a resident near a transport hub, this can be a nightmare if someone blocks your driveway and then goes on a trip. If this happens your car may not be usable, or you could return home and find that you cannot park. If you find that you’re being given the runaround, be patient and persistent. Whatever happens, resist the temptation to move the offending vehicle yourself as any damage incurred could result in legal problems for you.

Where Should You Avoid Parking?

The rules can vary depending upon the state you are parking in. Generally, you should avoid parking within 20 metres of an intersection that has a traffic light or 10 metres if the intersection doesn’t have a traffic signal. Some rules to look out for in Perth are: you cannot park on a nature strip or street verge without permission from the occupier of the adjacent property, you can’t park with a for sale sign in your car window and don’t park less than 1 metre away from a fire plug or hydrant.

Blocking Driveways:

Subaru Levorg Australia based drivers should understand that slightly different rules are in place for parking across driveways in each state. In Western Australia, the wording of the law is “A driver should not stop a vehicle so that any part of the vehicle is in front of a path, in a position that obstructs access by vehicles or pedestrians to or from that path.” So, when you park your car must not have any part of your car projecting in front of a driveway.

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