Plug In Hybrid Drivetrain to Feature in the Subaru XV

Plug In Hybrid Drivetrain to Feature in the Subaru XV
June 6, 2018 City Subaru

The Subaru XV or Crosstrek for the North American market is set to be the first Subaru model to feature the new plug in hybrid drivetrain. The American arm recently made the announcement, so the details are limited at the moment, but here we’ll explore the current information.

subaru xv 2018, Plug In Hybrid Drivetrain to Feature in the Subaru XV

The American Statement

Subaru of America has said that the Crosstrek Hybrid will “uniquely integrate” a direct injection, four cylinder Subaru boxer engine with a Toyota Hybrid System. This drivetrain system will also include an “all new” transmission and all wheel drive.

The Drivetrain

According to Subaru’s chief technical officer, Takeshi Tachimori, the new Subaru plug in hybrid will share many characteristics with the Toyota Prius Prime. This makes excellent business sense as Toyota currently owns approximately 17 percent of Subaru. The Toyota mates a four cylinder, 1.8 litre engine delivering 71 kW and 142 Nm with an electric motor to create a total of 90 kW power. The lithium ion 8.8 kWh battery provides the Prime with an EV range of 40 kilometres, according to the EPA in the United States. Although the Impreza hatch and sedan are built in the United States for their market, the new Crosstrek or Subaru XV Hybrid will be imported directly from Japan.
According to reports, the Crosstrek Hybrid will be offered in the United States in the latter part of 2018. It is thought that sales will be limited to only the states that adopted the zero emission vehicle mandate from California.

The Impact on the Australian Market

The Subaru XV 2018 range has certainly been popular with Australians. Although it doesn’t have the rally pedigree of the Impreza, the Subaru XV crossover has enjoyed impressive sales since the new generation was launched last year. In fact, the XV helped to boost Subaru sales in 2017 to record breaking heights, with August 2017 having a 139% sales increase.
Although Australia has a great affection for SUVs, hybrids have yet to be fully embraced. However, many brands are starting to release EV or hybrid models for the local arm. Subaru Australia has yet to confirm whether the new Subaru XV specs will reach our local market and this hybrid variant will be added to the line up. So, it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what impact the US model will have here.

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